12/03/2017: Social Justice Committee Meeting

Sunday 11:45am, KUUF Admin Room

The Social Justice Committee will hold its regular, “1st Sunday of the month” meeting on Dec. 3 in the admin room beginning at about 11:45.  Anyone interested is invited to attend!


  1. Proposed SJC spending for 2018-19
  2. Should we solicit a Local Homeless Project proposal, to be funded in the 2018-19 budget year?
  3. LGBTQ Welcoming Renewal Task Force, including urgent call for support of a beyond binary (male/female) “X” option on Washington State birth certificates
  4. SJC chair position
  5. Brick for Marvin Williams Center
  6. Author Saab Lofton speaking after a KUUF service
  7. Hanging the Black Lives Matter banner and constructing a display box.
  8. Intergroup Dialogue training
  9. Kitsap County Council for Human Rights Conference Dec. 15
  10. Revisions to Social Justice Committee by-laws

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