Black Lives Matter: the Life and Writings of Saab Lofton

Money distorts political talk in America, amplifying some views while others are silenced or ignored. After the service on Sunday 1/14/18 grab a cup a coffee and stick around to hear a different kind of voice — Saab Lofton.

“Saab Lofton is much of a democratic socialist and something of a Black nationalist, but I dare not define him with labels. Even his fiction is well researched and carefully documented. Saab is prophetic, sometimes controversial–and always intelligent,” says KUUF Social Justice co-chair Phil Davis.

Check out Saab’s short story, What a Difference a Shade Makes at He’s re-written the Superman myth, making Clark Kent Black instead of White. Saab also reminds us that our Superhero was an undocumented alien who arrived from another planet, Phil adds.

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