02/04/2018: Social Justice Committee Meeting

Sunday 11:45am, KUUF Admin Room

Social Justice Committee Agenda

  1. SJC volunteer sign-up, looking for more potluck organizer volunteers
  2. 2017-18 Spending update
  3. More Social Justice films at KUUF, including invitations to collaborate
  4. Inter-Group Dialogue Feb. 16-18 update
  5. Banner Box update
  6. Budget Sub – Committee Report — Planning Budget for 2018-19
  7. KUUF Homeless Response team affiliated with Kitsap Community Resources
  8. Voting in KUUF Committees and signing the membership book
  9. Almira Street Homeless Camp removal & donations to Stor-N-Lok storage rentals
  10. Upcoming Charitable Giving nomination and vote at annual meeting
  11. Retreat, Looking at the larger picture with our committee, SJC leadership for next year (chair or co-chairs, SJC spending monitor, etc.)
  12. The presently required “Social Justice Committee” lettering on the bottom of our Black Lives Matter banner, and possible routes to removing it
  13. “Tiny houses” as shelters for homeless people

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