04/15/2018: Mending Walls

10:30-11-30, KUUF Sanctuary, Joseph Bednarik From Ancient China to modern elections, from poetry to pop music, the word “wall” is one of the world’s most charged and telling Rorschach tests. In his iconic poem “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost works with his neighbor to replace fallen stones from their common wall, and thinks to himself, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” This sermon considers the world’s many walls and wonders about the “something” that doesn’t love them.

Joseph Bednarik will speak this Sunday. He is Co-Publisher of Copper Canyon Press, a non-profit literary publisher that believes “poetry is vital to language and living”. (coppercanyonpress.org). Joseph also, serves as Assistant to the Ministers in the Pulpit at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Port Townsend. He speaks at KUUF monthly, and we are honored by his presence and eloquent words.

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