05/16/2018: KUUF Board of Trustees Agenda


Agenda for May 16, 2018


6:30 PM                Call to Order:  Eric Harrold, President

Chalice Lighting


6:45 PM                Vote to adopt the Consent Agenda

  • Minutes of the April 18, 2018 board meeting
  • Board Liaison & other reports, including Finance; Personnel; etc.

6:50 PM                Vote to adopt the Agenda for this meeting

6:55 PM                President’s Report: Eric Harrold Review of Fellowship Business

  • Meeting with CPA to discuss income from the Matan Bldg lease (May 7th)
  • Requested from Caring Committee a proposal for Parish Nurse
  • Selene Patterson has volunteer to be an office assistant and fill in when Tanesha is sick
  • Asked the treasurer for recommendation on where to put PSE rebate
  • Used the Minister’s discretionary fund to assist a congregant
  • Anticipate a memorial service for Bobbi Baurick to be at KUUF

7:00 PM                Treasurer’s Report (Susan Welsh/Mark Sugimoto, Treasurer): Vote to approve.

7:20 PM                Board Growth Topic:  Types and Purpose of a Board (Eric Harrold): We will discuss the difference between an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. Which are we?


7:30 PM                                                                *****OLD BUSINESS *****

Worship Topics for Church Year 2018 – 2019: (Eric Harrold): Beth Wilson, who is the chair of the Worship Committee, has asked us to consider a theme for the up-coming church year. Discussion.


7:55 PM                                                                   *****NEW BUSINESS *****

Appointment of Board Officers (Eric Harrold): The board needs to vote on a President and Vice President for 2018 – 2019. All willing members will be considered but I strong suggest the new board members take this time to learn how our board operates before filling an officer position. Review of location of KUUF by-laws and archived records. Discussion.

Suggested Motion: I move that XXXXX be appointed President of KUUF Board of Trustees for a one-year term.

Suggested Motion: I move that XXXXX be appointed Vice-President of KUUF Board of Trustees for a one-year term.



Vote on appointing Lynn Lund to fill the empty board position left when June Jones resigned in April 2018. Discussion.

Suggested Motion: I move that Lynn Lund be appointed to KUUF Board of Trustees for the remaining year of June Jones term three-year term.


Appointment on Treasurer (Eric Harrold): Mark Sugimoto has offered to be Treasurer for church year 2018 – 2019. Mark has filled this position in the past and has the approval of out-going Treasurer Susan Welsh. Discussion.

Suggested Motion: I move that Mark Sugimoto be appointed Treasurer for KUUF for a one-year term.




Appointment of Personnel Committee Members (Lisa Johnson): Two Personnel Committee members have rotated off of the committee this year. As per our by-laws, the Personnel Committee needs a minimum of three board members. Lisa would be Chair of this committee and we need two other members. Terry Mallory and Nathan Emmett have volunteered. Discussion.


Appointment of Board Liaison Positions (Eric Harrold): Paul Wilson, Nancy Sleight and Ellen Newberg have rotated off the board this year. Paul was liaison between the board and W & M and Personnel Committee; Nancy was liaison to Worship Committee; Ellen was liaison to Finance Committee. Discussion.


Appoint Task Force Member for Ministerial Services Development (Eric Harrold): From our congregational meeting, we received authorization to set up a task force to select a ministerial service provider and to determine how the services will be provided. Discussion.


GA is the 20 – 24 of June in Kansas City, MI (Eric Harrold): Delegates for GA? Do we have people interested in attending the General Assembly in Kansas City? Has the council discussed this? Discussion.


The Caring Committee Has Proposed Having A Parish Nurse (Eric Harrold): Karen Leader-Scott has sent the board a proposal for offering the congregation the services of a “Parish Nurse.” We need a Task Force to review this proposal and make a recommendation to the board to include all expenses KUUF will bear. Discussion.


Board Retreat for the 2018 – 2019 Church Year (Eric Harrold): I would like to schedule a board retreat this summer so let’s talk about when people are available to attend. Discussion.


8:25 PM                Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for April 2018:

Conversations with the Board Topics:

  • Board to discuss Ministerial Service Task Force

                                For the good of the order

Date of next Board meeting:  Wednesday, 20 June, 2018

8:30 p.m.             Adjournment

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