05/19/2018: NAACP 75th Anniversary


May 19, 2018 – 4 PM

Our local NAACP is celebrating its 75th anniversary on May 19 at 4 PM. This is the perfect time to show our support of this courageous, historic organization. Approximately twenty KUUF members have purchased tickets.   Our Congregation will have two KUUF tables. To congratulate our local unit of the NAACP and make a statement of solidarity from our church, please join us!

The banquet offers a fascinating program at the Kitsap Golf and Country Club, 3885 Northwest Golf Club Hill Road. Speakers include Pierce County Superior Court Judge Helen Whitener and University of Washington Professor Quintard Taylor, Founder of BlackPast.org. Tickets are still available through Monday, May 14 for $68.64 at the NAACP 1134 website:


It’s easy to vocalize support of the many social justice issues needing work. This is our opportunity get physical. Show up in person. Being there in person is a loud statement of support we can make to recognize the important work of our neighbors.

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