06/17/2018: Message from the Worship Committee about Joys & Sorrows

The Worship Committee thanks the members of the congregation who participated in our recent Joys & Sorrows sharing and listening sessions.  Your feedback about our Joys & Sorrows ritual has been invaluable to us. Based on your input, the Worship Committee has identified a purpose for our ritual:

The purposed of our Joys & Sorrows ritual is to nurture a caring community at KUUF by sharing significant events in our lives.  


Using that purpose statement, the Worship Committee is working to identify a new ritual that will achieve that purpose, of nurturing our caring community.  We seek to include the elements of our prior ritual that build towards that purpose, while avoiding the pitfalls that we were experiencing. We are still working out the details of our new ritual, but know it will involve compromise on everyone’s part.  


Because we are working on creating some other new elements of our worship service to introduce in September, we will spend the rest of the summer refining the details of our new ritual, integrating it with the other new elements and communicating the changes to the congregation in August before they are introduced in September.  


In the meantime, we’ll continue our practice of our current Joys & Sorrows ritual, knowing that it will come to an end at the end of August.  


The Worship Committee appreciates the trust of the congregation as we take your feedback and use it to create a new ritual that will build community.  Thank you so much for your support.

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