07/26/2018: Very Successful Work Party!

Our recent Sunday’s work party brought many hardy souls who labored in this warm weather:  painting new white parking lines in the parking lot, weed whacking, weeding and mowing, erecting the rummage sale sign, dealing with the motion sensor light in the breezeway, organizing the KUUF kitchen, deck repair, etc.
About 30 volunteers contributed their talents (and sweat!):
Vivien Blyth,  Dianne Brooks and Sam Stephens ,  Marty Bishop,  Jill Clarridge,  Rosemary Dougall,   Genevieve and Nathan Emmett,  Jim Franklin,  Eric Harrold,  Lisa and Mack Johnson, Karen Leader Scott,  Sue Matan, Donna Munro,   Ellen and Alan Newberg,  Selene Patterson,  Jack Peterson,  Marilyn Rumble,  Helen Schwartz,  Lyn Schnug,  Robyn Williams,  Jeri and  Alan Searly ,  Ed Woods,  Ginny and Mark Sugimoto, Susan Welsh,  Beth and Paul Wilson.
Thank you all for the great amount of work we got  done, it’s so encouraging!

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