08/09/2018: News About KUUF’s Worship Services

The Worship Committee is making two changes in our worship services.  The first is fairly simple;l the other involves our Joys & Sorrows process.

Hoping to make our Worship Services a deeper experience, we’ve asked Rev. Carol McKinley to train about a 16 people, including the members of the Worship Committee, to be Lay Leaders.  The training will focus on how to create sacred space for worship, how to create a sense of welcome and inclusion from the pulpit, how to respond in case of an emergency, how to use the lay leader script without reading it, and a few other items.  We are grateful to those who have volunteered to be on the newly forming Lay Leader Team.  Those folks will rotate as Lay Leaders each Sunday starting in September.  We hope this will strengthen our worship services.

For several years KUUF friends and members and the Worship Committee have been trying to find a new way of celebrating Joys & Sorrows that meets the needs of more of those who attend Worship Service.  We’ve tried several different methods and sought the advice and input from all members and friends.  The opinions range from those who prefer to use our previous method of having each person speak their own joy or sorrow to those who prefer to not have Joys & Sorrows as part of the Worship Service at all.

Hoping to create a new ritual that is a compromise, the Worship Committee has developed the following new Joys & Sorrows ritual that will also start in September.  Here are the steps of the new ritual:

  • Those who have a Joy or Sorrow to share will complete a form similar to the one we now use and place it in the basket before the service.  They will indicate on the form if they prefer to have the Joy or Sorrow read for them or if they prefer to read it themselves.
  • During the reading of Joys & Sorrows, those that were submitted to be read for the author will be read by the Joys & Sorrows Reader.  When they are all read, then
  • The Joys & Sorrows Reader will invite those who want to read their own Joy or Sorrow to come forward.  Each person will be given their card to read to the congregation.
  • Please do not speak extemporaneously or come up if you have not filled out a card.  The purpose of using the card is to ensure that the Joys & Sorrows ritual does not become an opportunity for long descriptions, but a moment to simply share, in one’s own voice, the joy or sorrow you have.
  • Because of our assisted hearing system, each person will read into the microphone, which will be held by the Joys & Sorrows Reader.

We hope this new way of celebrating Joys & Sorrows will meet the expressed needs of as many congregants as possible.  We know that it isn’t exactly what some people would like, but it is a compromise that may be helpful.

We will try this method for six months, and evaluate again to see if it is working.  We thank everyone for their commitment to our beloved community and to a worship service that is loving, gracious and caring of all.

One thought on “08/09/2018: News About KUUF’s Worship Services

  1. I think this compromise is well worth a six month trial followed by evaluation. I have missed persons speaking their own joys and sorrows because I don’t always know the person for whom the joy/sorrow is being read. Being able to connect the person with a joy/sorrow makes it much more likely that I will keep the person on my mind and it may facilitate closer personal connection in the future.

    This compromise also may make it more comfortable for those hesitant to share in person.

    (Even though the “old joys and sorrows” did take some time, I enjoyed the spontaneity of the moment and the insight into individual personalities.)

    Good work, Worship Committee! I appreciate all your caring, creativity and diligent work on behalf of our beloved community.

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