Four key things are needed for a successful auction:  (1) Imaginative, desirable auction items; (2) Eager buyers; (3) Great food; and (4) Special entertainment.  Of course, these four things are underpinned by all the volunteers who support the auction both in the run-up to it and on auction night itself.

Imaginative, desirable auction items:  Serious intelligence has it that there are already some pretty amazing, innovative, and unique items in the pipeline, e.g., participatory dinner theater.  Meal donors from previous years, we are counting on you to open your homes for evenings of fellowship and sustenance.  New providers are most welcome, too.  We are looking for fun experiences as well, e.g., the wine tasting a couple of years ago where the Poulsbo Police were invited to give us breathalyzer tests at the end of the evening.  That was really fun, not to mention a big surprise for the guests (we all passed the breathalyzer test, in case you are wondering).  So, let your imaginations run wild and come up with those great auction items that will result in our achieving our budgeted $11,500.00 goal for the evening.  Click below to donate online:


or, watch for Emma Hines-Brandt at the ticket sales table who will have hard copy donation forms that can be given to our Congregational Administrator, Tanesha Smith for input.

Eager buyers:  This year, please consider inviting non-KUUF friends and neighbors to our auction as your guests.  Alan and I have hosted good friends for the past two years.  This is a way to expand our bidding base, and to introduce KUUF to friends and neighbors who are UU at heart, but haven’t discovered it yet.

Great Food:  Thanks to hospitality maven Janice Miller, we are looking forward to a Taco Bar, complete with all the trimmings, including Beth Wilson’s homemade guacamole.  Special diet accommodation offerings will also be available.  Thanks to Carolee Effron, we will have a non-competitive Dessert Frenzy.

Special Entertainment:  With Emcee Jennifer Ingalls, acoustic guitar music by Aaron McFadden, lip-synch award winner Lennie Bironne, and Stokes Auctioneer Chris Sizemore on hand, we can count on an entertaining and fun evening!

Tickets went on sale for $15.00 on Sunday, Sept 9.  Watch for ticket sales maven Emma Hines-Brandt in the foyer.  If you can’t attend the auction, please consider purchasing and donating scholarship tickets.  – Ellen Newberg, 2018 KUUF Fall Auction Chair.

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