12/19/2018: KUUF BOARD OF TRUSTEES Agenda


6:30 PM Call to Order:  Eric Harrold, President

Chalice Lighting


6:45 PM Vote to adopt the Consent Agenda

  • Minutes of the November 19, 2018 board meeting
  • Board Liaison & other reports, including Finance; Personnel; etc.

6:50 PM Vote to adopt the Agenda for this meeting

6:55 PM President’s Report: Eric Harrold Review of Fellowship Business

  • AED is being installed in the foyer, next to the Elmore Rm doorway. Thank you, Terry
  • Thanksgiving dinner at KUUF had approximately 45 persons – thank you volunteers
  • Caring Team and others helped a young woman in distress on Sunday
  • In discussion with PWR to complete “Staff start-up”
  • Finance has requested 2019 – 2020 budget proposals from committees – liaisons please follow up
  • Two new congregation elected board members: Lynn Lund and Jackie Westwood

7:00 PM Treasurer’s Report (Mark Sugimoto): Vote to approve.

7:15 PM Board Growth Topic: Why do we pay UUA and PWR dues?

7:25 PM *****OLD BUSINESS *****

KUUF Policy on Congregational Safety (Eric Harrold): In conjunction with 2018 Safety Campaign we are looking into “Emergency Communications” between the child care area and the congregation. Are walkie-talkies an option or are cell phones adequate? Who at the service should be in contact with child care? Discussion.

7:45 PM   *****NEW BUSINESS *****

CRE Budget Increase Request (Mark Sugimoto): The CRE has asked for a budget increase of $125 for church year 2018 – 2019. Are there available funds to support this request and if so, where would this money come from? Discussion. (refer to end of agenda for budget reference)


Adult Religious Education (ARE) revival (Jill Clarridge): Jill will be telling us about the effort to revive the ARE. Several members have come together under Jill’s leadership to bring this program back to KUUF – and we thank them all for making this happen. Discussion.


Should we revive the Fun and Frolic Committee (Lisa Johnson): Members are interested in re-starting the Fun and Frolic Committee to manage KUUF activities. With many of our activities open to the public, planning and execution of those events becomes more critical. Discussion.


KUUF 2018 Five-Year Plan passed by congregation (Eric Harrold): Now that the KUUF 2018 Five-Year Plan has been accepted by the congregation, the board, council and committees need to review for items which need their attention. The board could form a task force to assist all “Responsible Groups” with identifying their roles in executing this plan. Discussion.


8:25 PM Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for November 2018:  

Conversations with the Board Topics: __________

For the good of the order

Date of next Board meeting:  January 16, 2019

8:30 p.m. Adjournment

Supporting Data

Board authorized increases to the annual 2018-2019 budget: It has been agreed by the board, after discussion with the Treasurer, that after reconciling the current church year budget, if the funds are not available to pay for these additional expenditures, the money will be transferred from the reserve savings account to balance the budget.

  • June 25th; $619.10 for personnel raises
  • Aug 15th; $362 for parish nurse insurance premium
  • Sept 19th; $29.90 for minister’s contract
  • Oct 17th; $1600 for an AED
  • Oct 17th; $300 for the ministers stole
  • <Dec 19th; $125 for CRE budget increase>

Total: $3,036.00 = 1.8% of $163,531 2018-2019 budget

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