02/01/2019: New Ideas From the Worship Committee

Many of you will remember the process we’ve been through over the last several years to revise how we honor Joys & Sorrows during our KUUF Sunday services.  It was quite a process and continues to be an area of growth and development.

Now the Worship Committee is tackling an even more important element of our Sunday services: how we include and serve children and families in our services.  We have begun to look at ways we could be more inclusive and welcoming to families and especially their children. Some of the reasons include: (adapted from UUA Renaissance Module)

  • Bring new families into KUUF by offering vital, creative, responsible and caring approaches to including children in the life of our church.
  • Give families ways to spend meaningful time with their children that will promote sharing and conversation throughout the week.
  • Intergenerational worship allows for special interaction between older and younger members of our beloved community, building appreciation, trust and love between the generations.  
  • It allows children to experience UU liturgy, values and norms within worship so that they know what they are when they encounter other worship experiences and when they talk to their friends.
  • Children get to experience seeing what adults do when they worship and offers them an example of reverence and respect for worship they can later emulate.
  • Effective intergenerational worship is often one of the most common characteristics shared by our fastest growing churches.
  • Being able to worship in the main worship room in the church – for the entire service – is often an important clue to our younger members as they figure out what our religion is about and how we value them.
  • Intergenerational worship can be fun, memorable and meaningful.

You may have already noticed that we have families and children leading the Chalice Lighting on the last Sunday of each month, using the Children’s Chalice Lighting Words from Mahatma Gandhi.  Look for other changes as the months fly by; we will be trying new things to see how they work!

The Worship Committee held our annual retreat last Saturday and spent a lot of time exploring ideas about how we could better include children in our services.  We don’t have any final answers yet, but we will be trying new ways of experiencing the Children’s Story, music, and multigenerational services. If you have ideas, suggestions, thoughts or concerns about this evolving process, please feel free to share them with a member of the Worship Committee, send them to Worship@kuuf.org, or call Beth Wilson, Chair of the Worship Committee at (253) 857-5234 (home land line).  We value your feedback and rely upon your response and support. We are excited to be helping KUUF grow in this way!

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