6:30 PM Call to Order:  Eric Harrold, President

Chalice Lighting  (opening blessing)


6:45 PM Vote to adopt the Consent Agenda

  • Minutes of the January 17, 2019 board meeting
  • Board Liaison & other reports: Council, Finance, Personnel, etc.

6:50 PM Vote to adopt the Agenda for this meeting

6:55 PM President’s Report: Eric Harrold Review of Fellowship Business

  • I have asked three people to participate in the Matan lease renewal (formal talks to begin July 2019)
  • The board voted online to spend $400 for JSR to conduct Elisabeth’s memorial service – thank you
  • Cost comparison for quarter-time and half-time were given to the Finance Committee

7:00 PM Treasurer’s Report (Mark Sugimoto): Vote to approve.

7:15 PM Board Growth Topic: KUUF – A Democratic Republic?

7:20 PM       *****OLD BUSINESS *****

Congregational Safety Task Force (Lisa Johnson): The Council was scheduled to the Congregational Safety Plan at their February council meeting. Lisa – please update the board with their progress and any approaching training. Discussion.


Board service acknowledgement (Jackie Westwood): The unintended consequence from preparing a story of KUUF’s transition from formal ministerial affiliation to a lay-led format is upsetting those asked about this event. I asked Jackie to postpone further enquires a week after our board meeting. Perhaps our minister could lead us in a Celebration Sunday service in which we thank our leaders from that period during a service. Discussion.

7:40 PM   *****NEW BUSINESS *****

As a matter of policy, is allowing an outside agency to fundraise on KUUF property something we want to do (Terry Mallory): It appears that some amount of funds were collected at KUUF by a group advocating against the deportation policy. Should KUUF allow outside agencies to fundraise on our property? Discussion.

7:50 PM                                                                   ********************

Building and Grounds Committee had an unforeseen expense of approximately $500 for snow removal in the lower parking lot (Eric Harrold): This money should come from the General Fund B&G line item. Since this line has not been overdrawn, the funds can be accounted for in the standard way and a vote by the board to authorize this expenditure is unnecessary. Discussion.


KUUF 2019 – 2020 budget progress (Mark Sugimoto): Discuss where the budget construction process is in completion and set dates for the KUUF Board budget meeting. Also, discuss the pros and cons of not voting on the budget until the April 17th meeting. Discussion.


What should our Minister’s contract look like (Eric Harrold): Our minister has brought to light that the UUA requires a certain number of paid hours to obtain status as a permanent UUA minister. She has stated that half-time ministry would achieve that. I would like to explore the possibility of making her contract a two-year contract. Discussion.    


8:25 PM Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for January 2019:  

Conversations with the Board Topics: __________

For the good of the order:

Date of next Board meeting:  March 20, 2019

8:30 p.m. Adjournment

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