03/07/2019: President’s column

Hello everyone! Spring is not exactly in the air yet, but the KUUF calendar is telling me our Annual Congregational Meeting is right around the corner (April 28th). With that in mind, I want to talk to you about some options for a minister this year. 

Our minister, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers, will finish her quarter-time contract with us at the end of April 2019. This has been an exciting time with her. Together, we held our breath while the UUA Fellowship Council approved her for ministry; we signed a contract with her as a quarter-time minister; we participated in her ordination, and we’ve treasured her care for us…bringing us to where we are now. 

The KUUF board and council are considering how to proceed from here. Individually, we all have a vote on how our fellowship is run. Both the board and council share a greater responsibility, in that we consider not just ourselves but the whole congregation. We have a duty to do what is best for the fellowship, which is why I’m sending a Ministerial Services Survey to the congregation. 

What I’m suggesting to you, and the board is considering, is that we hire Rev. Jessica Star Rockers at a half-time position in a two-year contract. There are several reasons for this:
First is Jessica’s ambition to become a permanent Unitarian Universalist minister. For that to happen she needs work as a minister to gain the necessary experience and skills the UUA requires for a permanent minister, and half-time ministry satisfies that requirement. 
Second is we need to show her our commitment if we don’t want her to be looking at other places for employment. 
Third is that our 2018 Five-Year Plan outlines specific goals and development that JSR is uniquely qualified to provide; notably, attracting younger members through social media. 

I am asking everyone to take the ten minutes necessary to complete the Ministerial Services Survey, either through the link Tanesha will provide you, or in person at the fellowship. March and April are very busy months here at KUUF with budget discussions, planning for the coming year, and generally taking care of business. Your part of this work is taking the survey…and participating in discussions with the board and committees to, as they say, “walk the talk.” 

Thank you all for your strong support of KUUF and the many programs and opportunities offered here, none of which would be possible without your commitment and participation. We are KUUF.

Eric Harrold
KUUF Board President

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