04/01/2019: President’s Column April 2019

Welcome to April, everyone! It’s been a very busy winter which will culminate with our Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) on April 28, 2019. May 1st will begin our 2019 – 2020 church year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the Ministerial Services Survey – we had approximately 38% participation in the survey. I want to share those results with you as they will be considered while negotiating our minister’s contract. The intent of this survey was to ensure the board fully understood the congregation’s interest in minister-related services and your priorities for that position.

The results of41 the survey are overwhelmingly positive. Below, I have included two questions from that survey – the question with the highest approval and the question with the lowest approval. Oddly, a numeric value of 0 (zero) indicates the highest approval and the numerically larger value of 4400, indicates the least approval (highly disapprove/highly disagree). The questions are:

Highest approval – 4) The 2018 Five-year Plan identified a congregational goal of increasing our professional ministry as our budget allows. To what degree do you favor expanding to a ministerial role of half-time?

The result value is 284 which is just over 93% towards the highest approval (7% below 100% approval).

Least approval – 7) To what degree would you support supplementing the budget with endowment interest earnings, if necessary, to ensure maintenance projects and half-time ministry are included in this year’s budget?

The result value is 723 which is 83% towards the highest approval (17% below 100% approval).

All nine questions on the Ministerial Services Survey fall between the above question values of 284 – 723. Your responses to the survey questions will help the board prioritize contract negotiations with our minister, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers.

I do not anticipate any minister-related topics on the agenda for this year’s Annual Congregational Meeting. The minister’s salary has been fully funded in the proposed budget forwarded for approval at the ACM. Thanks to the congregation’s response to this year’s Stewardship campaign, we will be offering Rev. Jessica Star Rockers a two-year, half-time contract which we anticipate will keep her at KUUF until 2021.

Good job KUUF for expanding professional ministry, in accordance with our 2018 Five-Year Plan, adding this to our already-awesome line up of programs and services. We are KUUF!

Eric Harrold

KUUF Board President

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