04/14/2019: AV Presentation Minutes

Conversation with the Board
Sunday, April 14, 2019, Noon

Proposed AV Equipment Changes

The Problem

In response to a wish for a better system to project movies during the Social Justice Committee’s Second Friday Film series, an ad hoc subcommittee of three formed to investigate the options for new AV equipment for the Sanctuary. Committee members are Sterling Fisher, Mack Johnson, and Bonner Sams. The committee solicited bids from eight local businesses for two different equipment options. At this meeting, Mack and Bonner resented the bids and pros and cons of each of two options.
Our current system of digital projector with a laptop and hook up to the audio system is difficult and time-consuming to set up, has unsafe cords running across the room and a heavy screen to lug and muscle up, and has less than a satisfactory image. In addition to the use of the equipment for the film series, it could be used during Sunday services, for groups renting the facility, and at weddings and memorial services.
Attached to these notes is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that Mack and Bonner showed the group.

Two Systems
The committee visited local churches to learn of the systems they use and get feedback on the functionality of them. Two options emerged: (1) A ceiling mounted screen and digital projector system, or (2) two 65” digital flat screen TVs with adjustable angle positioning. A master panel would be erected near the podium for laptop connection and control.

Two Bids
Out of the requests submitted, only two firms submitted bids: Nuts About Hi-Fi (recommended by one of the churches), and Gig Harbor Audio.
The bid from Nuts About Hi-Fi was the lower and included an option for KUUF doing some of the labor. See PowerPoint presentation for details.

Pros and Cons
It was suggested that the pros and cons of each option be published on the KUUF web site and in The Candle, and also as part of the ACM packet.

Projector and Screen:
Pros: larger image, better views at night

Cons: would require curtains for the clerestory windows at an unknown expense, more expensive than TVs, when in use the screen would block the wall mounted chalice and many of the worship service props, day views would not be good, possibly need to have access to it to turn it off, doesn’t integrate well with the sanctuary, screen will not be seen well at all occasions in the Sanctuary, and training required to operate.

Two Digital TVs:
Pros: better for use in worship services, less initial expense, better viewing in the day time so curtains on the clerestory windows would not be required, would not block the wall chalice, may be able to go paperless during our services, and can be seen by all locations in the room

Cons: may not be visually appealing (but can project visually appealing scenes when not in use), and requires training to operate.

Discussion Points
We currently have funds available for about half of the Nuts About Hi-Fi estimate so we would have to find the remainder of the funds from a source or do some fundraising. Concerns expressed about the aesthetic appeal of both options. More seemed in favor of the TV options. Difficult to fully evaluate the projector and screen option without knowing what the clerestory shades would cost. If the congregation knows what the costs are, it might sway them to one option over another.

Annual Congregational Meeting Vote
Per President Eric Harrold, the matter will come to a vote before the congregation at the ACM on April 28. First, a vote on whether or not they are in favor of making an upgrade to the current system. If yes, another vote on which system is preferred. The congregation will not vote on the funding as that is a matter for the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Submitted by Selene Patterson, Ex-Officio Board Secretary

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