04/17/2019: KUUF Board of Trustees Agenda

Agenda for April 17, 2019

6:30 PM    Call to Order:  Eric Harrold, President
        Chalice Lighting (opening blessing) 
6:45 PM    Vote to adopt the Consent Agenda
Minutes of the March 20, 2019 board meeting
Board Liaison & other reports: Council, Finance, Personnel, etc.
6:50 PM    Vote to adopt the Agenda for this meeting 
6:55 PM    President’s Report: Eric Harrold Review of Fellowship Business
Ministerial Service Survey responses were published in April’s President’s Column
I have not begun the service acknowledgment letters yet but it’s on my list (after ACM)
Has the Council received names for the scholarships to the GA Budget discussion last Sunday had approx. 12 people show up. Next one is 4-21-2019 Board retreat is scheduled for Saturday, June 15, 2019 (time and place to be announced)

7:00 PM    Minister’s Update to the Board: Presented by Rev. Jessica Star Rockers
7:15 PM    Treasurer’s Report (Mark Sugimoto): Presented by the treasurer – Vote to approve. 
7:25 PM    Board Growth Topic: Review articles VIII and IX for the By-laws

7:30 PM                       *****OLD BUSINESS *****
As a matter of policy, is allowing an outside agency to fundraise on KUUF property something we want to do (Terry Mallory): It appears that some amount of funds were collected at KUUF by a group advocating against the deportation policy. Should KUUF allow outside agencies to fundraise on our property? Discussion. 
ACM agenda development (Eric Harrold): I would like to review the development of the ACM again.  (see the to date printed agenda). Discussion. 

7:40 PM                   *****NEW BUSINESS *****
Formation of a Media Communications Committee (Eric Harrold): The Media Communications Task Force, through Jackie Westwood, announced their completion at the last board meeting. I believe we need to form a committee to continue this work and relieve the burden from the admin staff in managing a routine business that is normally addressed by a committee. Discussion. 
Bondy family sculpture in Memorial Garden (Eric Harrold): The Bondy family has requested to install a new sculpture in the Memorial Garden in commemoration of Elisabeth and Roger Bondy. I have asked the office to include an announcement flyer in the OOS with me as the contact person. No feedback yet. I propose we vote to allow. Discussion.
Suggested motion:
I move the Board of Trustees authorize the installation of a sculpture in the Memorial Garden to commemorate the legacy of Roger and Elisabeth Bondy. 

Consulting Minister’s Contract (Eric Harrold): A four-member panel has developed a two-year, half-time consulting minister’s contract (the panel was Eric Harrold, Lisa Johnson, Terry Mallory, and Mark Sugimoto). The contract has been reviewed and tentatively accepted by our Quarter-time Minister, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers. I recommend a vote of the board to authorize signing the contract after services of May 5, 2019. Discussion.
Recommended motion:
I move that the Board of Trustees authorize a two-year, half-time consulting minister contract be signed on May 5, 2019.


Service recognition Sunday (Eric Harrold): For several months the board has been considering how to thank members for their service and decided to hold a “Service Sunday.” We need to schedule this event with the minister, the Worship Committee and the honored guests. Discussion.


KUUF delegate credentials for General Assembly (Eric Harrold): The UUA has given us three delegate credentials for GA in addition to two others; one for the minister and one for a master religious educator. We have several people going to GA and I need to assign the credentials. Vote on who receives credentials. 
8:40 PM    Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for March 2019:  
        Conversations with the Board Topics: _Priorities for the coming church year_______
        For the good of the order:

Date of next Board meeting:  May 15, 2019
8:45 PM    Adjournment

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