05/05/2019: Children’s Religious Exploration

This Year we will be weaving stories and activities through World Religions and connecting those stories with UU philosophy and the 7 principles. Ages 6+

May 5: Ramadan & Suncatchers
Ramadan (also called Ramzan) is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims across the world fast from sunrise to sunset. The Islamic calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar since it follows the phases of the moon. Thus, Ramadan may be 29 or 30 days and the dates change every year, moving ahead by approximately 11 days.
May 12: Islam
May 19: Thoreau
May 26: Islam

Would you like an opportunity to engage with our KUUF children? Volunteers are needed to facilitate RE when Jenell is gone. The curriculum will be provided. Please contact Jenell at dematteo@olypen.com if you are available:

June 2 (Thoreau & Walden Pond)
June 30 (art project)
July 7 (art project)

Childcare Available
Every Sunday

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