You may not be 100% right?     (Curious?  Come check it out.)

Speaker – Marcia Christen   

Humans are “wired” to judge, criticize and make assumptions.  If this is the case then how do we USE that judgment that is built into our brains for us to survive, in a more discerning way, in a way that really works? Especially when standing up to “wrongs” that have such tragic consequences. 

We’ll grapple with the idea of being “nonjudgmental” and how we can actually have a different relationship with our judgments of right and wrong AND still act for justice, speak truth in love, and care for the inherent worth of all beings, including ourselves.

With specific exercises we’ll learn steps of what to do with our “negativity bias” – noticing what’s wrong more often than noticing what works, explore the importance of becoming aware of our judgments  and learn how to switch from moralistic judgment (strict right/wrong), to Value-Based judgment – are needs being served?

Marcia Christen will be sharing from her experience teaching and sharing Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness in the first places she began to teach – in the state prisons. She’ll share what she has learned so far and how you might take this learning into your own life and your own ministry, whatever that is.

Marcia is a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication.  Before that, she was a Parent Educator, trained in sociology and psychology.

One thought on “05/26/2019: UPCOMING PROGRAM FROM THE A.R.E.

  1. Great summary, Marcia – I think the most appealing I’ve seen about this. congrats, I hope this resonates with many.

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