06/09/2019: Children’s Religious Exploration

This Year we will be weaving stories and activities through World Religions and connecting those stories with UU philosophy and the 7 principles.
Ages 6+

June 9: Blossoms and Blessings, a multi-gen service

Each family should bring an offering of flowers and come to share in this multi-generational celebration of communal joy.

Volunteer Opportunity
Do you know our 5-11 year-olds? Come enjoy their creativity as they learn and play during Religious Exploration (RE). Once a month they need a grown-up to walk them through the simple lesson plans. The kids know what to do and where everything is. It’s only 45 minutes of your time and you don’t have to do it more than once. The curriculum will be provided. Please contact Jenell at dematteo@olypen.com if you are available:

July 7 

Donations requested:
Old Rolling Pins (wood)

Summer Art Program on Sundays
This Summer in RE we will be playing with clay, paint, paper, dye, yarn and all sorts of fun things in ART each Sunday.  Kids will have an opportunity to be creative and learn to problem solve and think out of the box.  Starts Sunday, June 23, 2019!  

Childcare Available 
Every Sunday

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