08/11/2019: Singing Our Way Through: Practices for Transformational Loving

We sang our way through how difficult this is.’-Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley, Willow Tree Flowers, It Is Time Now

Join in worship that celebrates and practices our ability to love beyond our known skill for loving, to co-create that which has not yet become. Together let us choose to live into the promise of collective liberation.

The Reverend Deanna Vandiver made a family-inspired move to the Pacific Region during the summer of 2018, after 18 years in New Orleans. Prior to her move, Rev. Deanna served as Co-Director of the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for social, economic, environmental, and racial justice through activism, community engagement, organizing, and transformational learning. Ordained by all 3 member-congregations of the Greater New Orleans Unitarian Universalists (GNOUU) in 2012, Rev. Deanna served as Community Minister for the GNOUU cluster. She lives on Bainbridge Island with her partner and serves as the Affiliated Community Minister for Love and Liberation with the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship.

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