09/18/2019: KUUF Board Meeting Agenda

KUUF Board Meeting Agenda
September 18, 2019

  1. Chalice lighting
  2. Check-in
  3. Revisit our Board Covenant: Reverend Jessica
    a. Thoughts?
    b. Additions?
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Mark
    Old Business:
  5. Update on Easter Seals lease: Lisa and Terry
  6. Update on food waste/recycling: Jackie
  7. Overflow lot: Paul Wilson’s plan, need for volunteers to park there: Terry
    New Business:
  8. AV discussions: Lisa and Terry
    a. How will we use input from congregational discussions
    b. Which option better serves our mission?
  9. Board meeting date to support half time ministry
    a. Board priorities for Rev. Jessica
    b. How could our Board meeting date better fit into Rev. J’s schedule?
    c. Share evaluation form we’ll need to complete end of fiscal year
  10. Committee on Shared Ministry and 5-Year-Plan
    a. Identification of Committee responsibilities
    b. Method for tracking progress
    c. Assessment
  11. Sanctuary: Rev. Jessica
    a. Sensitive locations laws: what do we need to know as a faith community?
    b. Including immigration status in our nondiscrimination policy
    c. What we may and may not ask potential members
    d. What can we legally do to stand up to ICE?
    e. Zines
    f. Webinar: Jessica will send link. Please view before this meeting
  12. Fun and Frolic Update
  13. Thank you note recipients
  14. Good of the order

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