Why do KUUF members attend our Fall Auction?

  • To have a good time!  It’s our biggest party of the year.
  • To foster fellowship as we work together to produce the auction, and gather that evening to celebrate the joy of belonging to our KUUF Beloved Community.
  • To bring friends who may not yet know that they are UU’s.
  • To enjoy the fabulous professional lip-synching performances by Lennie Bironne, as well as additional musical entertainments this year.
  • To donate quality treasures that you are ready to pass along for someone else to enjoy, or to donate something fun to do with friends.
  • To eat a tasty buffet dinner, this year including a three sauce spaghetti dinner prepared by Janice Miller and her event organizer daughter Sunny Saunders.  There is also a wine and beer bar and fabulous flavored waters.
  • To support our Raise the Paddle causes.  This year our cause is to raise funds to support Children’s Religious Education and intergenerational activities for all.
  • To find the perfect Christmas or birthday present for someone on your list (maybe even you!).
  • To find a treasure or to obtain a wonderful experience, e.g., Seattle Repertory tickets, a meal in someone’s home, or a picnic hike with friends.
  • To support KUUF.  The auction is budgeted to raise $12,000.00 for our General Fund.  Your support is needed through ticket sales, donations, and/or purchases.

See you at the Auction on Saturday, November 2, from 5-8 p.m.  Watch for Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt or Carolee Effron in the foyer after worship services—they have tickets for sale @ $15.00.  Childcare is available (jenell.dematteo@kuuf.org) as well as scholarship tickets (tanesha.smith@kuuf.org).  Questions?  Contact Ellen Newberg, 2019 Auction Chair (elena29@comcast.net) or (auction@kuuf.org)

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