11/02/2019: AUCTION UPDATE: Q & A

  • Question:  When is the auction? 
    • Answer:  Saturday, Nov. 2, 5-8 p.m.  Tickets:  $15.00.  Childcare is available.  Scholarship tickets are available.
  • Question:  Am I limited to donating one item to the KUUF Auction?
    • Answer:  Mamma Mia!!!   No, no, no.  You are welcome, even encouraged, to donate more than one item to the KUUF auction.  For example, you could donate two meals at different times.  Or, you could donate tickets to a play plus a gift certificate for dinner before the show.  Or, you could donate that great kitchen appliance that you never took out of the box as well as a week of house or pet sitting.
  • Question:  Will I be able to buy raffle tickets for an Italian-themed food basket?
    • Answer:  Yes, yes, yes.  Chalice Circle 3 will have raffle tickets available for a fabulous Italian-themed food basket after services in October as well as at the auction.
  • Question:  Will there be new, fun things to do at the auction this year?
    • Answer:  Yes, yes, yes.  Chalice Circle 11 will give you an opportunity to play a game called Bird Cage.  A locked, beautifully decorated birdcage with enticing contents will be available the night of the auction.  Chalice Circle 11 members will have a limited number of keys for sale, only one of which opens the birdcage.  After all the keys have been sold, buyers take turns seeing if they have purchased the lucky key.  There will be other games as well.  Next week:  Wall of Wine.

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