11/04/2019: Auction Thank You!

Thank You to everyone who made this evening possible.  Special thanks to:

  • All who donated auction items, bought auction items, & came just to have a good time.
  • Janice Miller & Sunny Saunders, professional event planner, for our  spaghetti dinner.
  • Joey Witherspoon, Poster and ticket design/production and merchant donations 
  • Jill Clarridge and Helen Schwartz:  Merchant donations.
  • OE Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron:  Ticket Sales
  • Ginny Sugimoto:  Table Decorations; Janice Miller:  Buffet and beverage table decorations
  • Selene Patterson and Susan Welsh:  Display of Silent Auction Items 
  • Furniture moving to provide more space:  Jacob Patterson, Jack Peterson, Paul Wilson, Dan Millard & Alan Newberg
  • Wash wine glasses:  Dianne Brooks Stephens and Susan Scott.
  • Streaming Italian Bistro Background Music:   Ani Pendergast
  • Helen Schwartz and Karen Yarnell:  Greeters
  • Ed Woods and Gary Sykes:  Hosts
  • Nathan Patterson:  Bartender
  • Deborah Welsh & Michael Harris, Red Shed Roasters:  Coffee for our event (and every Sunday)
  • Deborah Welsh, Mike Harris, Bonnie Sykes & Vivien Blyth:  Silent Auction Support                                                                                    
  • Ryan Brewer, Auctioneer
  • Selene Patterson, Silent Auction Coordination and catalog
  • Lennie Bironne and Alena Hemingway:  Special entertainment
  • KUUF Choir; Mike Menefee, Choir Director; and Brian Kenny, pianist
  • Robin & Peter Kreidler & Alan Newberg:  Live Auction Spotters. Jo Walter & Nancy Sleight, Runners
  • Lisa and Mack Johnson, with Scooby:  Live Auction Item Display
  • Chalice Circle 3:  Italian Baskets Raffle (2)
  • Chalice Circle 7 & Nancy Sennett:  Wall of Wine
  • Photographer:  Sterling Fisher
  • Brenda Johnson:  Child Care
  • Tanesha Smith:  Office Support (liquor license, catalog, publicity, bid sheets, certificates, IRS receipts)
  • Ted Johnsrude, Jim Strunk & Nancy Sennett:  Auction Catalog copying and assembly
  • Susan Welsh, Check-in & Checkout Coordinator, with Karen Leader Scott, Terry Mallory, Karen Yarnell, Tanesha Smith, OE Hines-Brandt, Jim Strunk, & Mark Sugimoto.
  • Clean-up and Re-assembly Leads:   Susan Scott, Kitchen Clean-up, with Dan Schwartz and Chris Yarnell.  Paul Wilson, Sanctuary; Eric Harrold, Comfort, Board and Elmore Rooms, plus everyone who helped with set-up and clean-up.  Thank you, thank you.

Your 2019 Auction Team:  Ellen Newberg, Chair; Susan Welsh,  Janice Miller, Selene Patterson; Terry Mallory; Carolee Effron; Tanesha Smith; Joey Witherspoon.

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