11/17/2019: Children’s Religious Exploration

Ages 6+
We weave stories, art, and activities exploring World Religions and connecting those stories with UU philosophy and the 7 principles.
Nov. 17  RE Class
What are we Grateful For?
Making Wreaths

Guest at Your Table Boxes Available in the Foyer
Add your extra change to support the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee:
2019-2020 Theme: Women Leaders, Strong Communities

Since our founding, UUSC’s work has been shaped and sustained by women’s leadership. Today, we are proud to partner with women leaders who are increasing representation for women in their communities, while strengthening access to justice for all. During this year’s Guest at Your Table program, please join us to learn more about women leaders from UUSC partner organizations taking on some of today’s greatest human rights challenges.

CRE Supports
Bremerton Backpack Brigade Donations: Tuna Fish & PB  for November 

Childcare is always available during Sunday Service in the Matan Building’s lower right classroom.

Every Sunday: Committees please request childcare ahead of time at jenell.dematteo@kuuf.org

Sign up to be a guest teacher at jenell.dematteo@kuuf.org

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