Author: Tanesha Smith

11/02/2019: BUONA NOTTE! 2019 KUUF AUCTION


Four key things are needed for a successful auction:  (1) Imaginative, desirable auction items; (2) Eager buyers; (3) Great food; and (4) Special entertainment.  Of course, these four things are underpinned by all the volunteers who support the auction both in the run-up to it, on auction night itself, and after.

Imaginative, desirable auction items:  Serious intelligence has it that there are already some pretty amazing, innovative, and unique items in the pipeline.  Meal donors from previous years, we are counting on you to open your homes for fellowship and sustenance. We are looking for fun experiences, too, e.g., the wine tasting a couple of years ago where the Poulsbo Police were invited to give us breathalyzer tests at the end of the evening.  That was really fun, not to mention a big surprise for the guests (we all passed the breathalyzer test, in case you are wondering). So, let your imaginations run wild and come up with those great auction items that will result in our achieving our budgeted $12,000.00 goal for the evening.  Click here to donate online:

or, watch for Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron at the ticket sales table beginning Sept.8.  They will have hard copy donation forms that can be given to our Office Volunteer Selene Patterson, for input.  They will also have donation ideas to start your creative juices flowing.

Eager buyers:  Again, please consider inviting non-KUUF friends, relatives, and neighbors to our auction as your guests.  Alan and I have hosted good friends for the past three years, some of whom bought a lot of stuff!  This is a way of expanding our bidding base, plus it introduces KUUF to friends and neighbors who are UU at heart but haven’t discovered it yet.

Great Food:  Thanks to hospitality maven Janice Miller and her professional event planner daughter, Sunny Saunders, we are looking forward to an Italian Spaghetti Dinner, complete with all the trimmings and dessert.   Special diet accommodation offerings will be available. Childcare is provided, including pizza dinner (contact  Children’s RE Coordinator Jenell DeMatteo to reserve space(s).

Special Entertainment:  With an Italian theme, we are looking forward to entertainments by KUUF talent including Lennie Bironne, professional lip-synch performer; the KUUF choir led by Mike Menefee; and Music Director Brian Kinney.  We look forward to meeting our new auctioneer, Ryan Brewer.

Tickets go on sale for $15.00 on Sunday, Sept 8 (no charge for children).  Watch for ticket sales mavens Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron in the foyer.  If you can’t attend the auction, please consider purchasing and donating scholarship tickets, as well as making donations.  Note:  Ticket sales are limited to 100 this year, due to space limitations.  – Ellen Newberg, 2019 KUUF Fall Auction Chair.

10/27/2019: Save The Date For A.R.E.!

Shared ministry is rooted in the belief that all people, not just clergy, are called to share their gifts and to serve one another in a religious community. As we continue on the path of professional ministry at KUUF, the Committee on Shared Ministry has been working with Rev. Jessica to define our vision for the years ahead. On Sunday, Oct 27, after the service and potluck, the Rev. De Vandiver will facilitate our visioning process, assisting us in defining and understanding our shared ministry. Rev De., former Executive Director of the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, has made a professional study of shared ministry and collaborative leadership in both nonprofit and parish communities. Rev. De will invite us to imagine how we might co-create our ministry at KUUF, along with our minister Rev. Jessica, in ways that are transformational and prioritize covenant, relationship, and trust. It will be an experiential and illuminating workshop! We hope you can join us.

09/29/2019: Our Great Covenant

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers: Unitarian Universalists often say, we are a faith of deeds, not creeds. This means we are covenantal, bound by the promises we make to one another, rather than by shared belief. As Rev. James Vila Blake wrote in 1894, “This is our great covenant: to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.” In this service, we will consider our great covenant at KUUF. We will also consider some of the spoken and unspoken covenants we share with our Kitsap neighbors, our larger community and our world.

Rev. Jessica Star Rockers is our new minister at KUUF. You can read more about Rev. Jessica here.

09/22/2019: Our House Is on Fire: A Call to Action!

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Carol McKinley: Two days ago, millions of people across the planet walked out of schools, workplaces, and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.  The Global Climate Strike began a week focused on the urgency of the climate crisis, calling on governments and individuals to respond in ways centered on human rights, equity, and justice. 

Rev. Carol McKinley is affiliated with the Olympia UU Congregation as their Faith in Action Minister and is a frequent speaker at KUUF.

09/20/2019: Global Climate Strike

Thousands of people around the world will be joining Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist, in drawing attention to the climate crisis. Find out how you can join in a week of activism at this website:

I lie awake at night thinking of the Amazon and Arctic fires. Suffering around the world is multiplying. We must all do everything we can to address this issue.  -Marty Bishop

09/18/2019: KUUF Board Meeting Agenda

KUUF Board Meeting Agenda
September 18, 2019

  1. Chalice lighting
  2. Check-in
  3. Revisit our Board Covenant: Reverend Jessica
    a. Thoughts?
    b. Additions?
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Mark
    Old Business:
  5. Update on Easter Seals lease: Lisa and Terry
  6. Update on food waste/recycling: Jackie
  7. Overflow lot: Paul Wilson’s plan, need for volunteers to park there: Terry
    New Business:
  8. AV discussions: Lisa and Terry
    a. How will we use input from congregational discussions
    b. Which option better serves our mission?
  9. Board meeting date to support half time ministry
    a. Board priorities for Rev. Jessica
    b. How could our Board meeting date better fit into Rev. J’s schedule?
    c. Share evaluation form we’ll need to complete end of fiscal year
  10. Committee on Shared Ministry and 5-Year-Plan
    a. Identification of Committee responsibilities
    b. Method for tracking progress
    c. Assessment
  11. Sanctuary: Rev. Jessica
    a. Sensitive locations laws: what do we need to know as a faith community?
    b. Including immigration status in our nondiscrimination policy
    c. What we may and may not ask potential members
    d. What can we legally do to stand up to ICE?
    e. Zines
    f. Webinar: Jessica will send link. Please view before this meeting
  12. Fun and Frolic Update
  13. Thank you note recipients
  14. Good of the order

09/15/2019: True as Remembered and Affirmed

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Joseph Bednarik: The Moth is a cultural phenomenon where people tell true-life stories by heart to a live audience. The Moth is also a popular podcast and NPR radio program. At the end of each broadcast, the host reminds all listeners that Moth stories are “true as remembered and affirmed by the storytellers.” This sermon explores the layers of truth within storytelling, and takes special delight in the phrase “remembered and affirmed.”

Our speaker, Joseph Bednarik, is a publisher at Copper Canyon Press in Pt. Townsend and a member of Quimper UU Fellowship.


If you haven’t already, please note on your calendar that our best party of the year/annual auction fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, November 2, from 5-8 p.m. People are already donating interesting and unique items and events. Ticket sales got off to a great start last Sunday, which prompts me to warn you that ticket sales will be limited this year to the first 100 lucky people to purchase them @ $15.00.  If you can’t attend, please consider purchasing tickets anyway and donating them as scholarship tickets. Watch for Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron at the ticket sales table in the foyer. In keeping with the Italian theme of Buona Notte, the focus will be on Italian decorations, food, wine, and entertainment.  A fundraising game or two will be introduced, and you will have an opportunity to support a fun, all-are-welcome weekend at Seabeck Conference Center next summer through the Raise the Paddle event.  For more information on everything from donation questions to how to participate as a volunteer the evening of the event, email or call Ellen Newberg at (360) 692-3981.

09/08/2019: Children’s Religious Exploration

All Parents: please fill out new emergency forms for Fall CRE.

We weave stories, art, and activities exploring World Religions and connecting those stories with UU philosophy and the 7 principles.
Ages 6+
Multi-Generational Service

 Sept. 8, 2019
No RE Class

Please consider spending an hour in the Children’s Religious Exploration Program. The curriculum will be provided. Please let Jenell know if you would be willing to work with our wonderful kiddos. 
Teachers needed on:
Sept. 15
Oct. 27
March 22
March 29

Volunteers needed in Childcare during the month of September—please let Jenell know if you can help out between 10-Noon one Sunday this month.

Childcare Available 
                   Every Sunday
Reminder to committees—please request childcare a head of time by contacting Jenell
CRE is Sponsoring Bremerton Backpack Brigade this Fall
Please bring Tuna Fish for September

To view latest CRE Newsletter please click here

09/08/2019: Homecoming Sunday!

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers: Homecoming Sunday! We welcome you to our annual service where we regather and reconnect as a community, returning home to the fellowship that has blessed us and looking forward to the year ahead. We will honor the gifts of service that have made our congregation such a home of belonging and friendship, and invite one another to continue on this journey together. After the service, all newcomers are invited to sign the membership book in a ceremony with Rev. Jessica. And our Committee Fair will follow, with the opportunity to learn more about the particular gifts that make this fellowship thrive.

Rev. Jessica Star Rockers is our new minister at KUUF. You can read more about Rev. Jessica here.

09/08/2019: Children’s Newsletter

Fall KUUF 2019

Multi-generational Services are designed to include the children actively throughout the service. This year the multi-gen services are:

September 8 Water

October 13 Blessing of the Animals

December 8 Christmas Pageant

January 26 KUUF Birthday

April 12 Easter

June 14 Flower Communion

Religious Exploration Program

We see the purpose of religious exploration as helping children explore their own answers to the existential questions: Where did we come from? What are we doing here?  How do we choose to live our lives?  What happens when we die? Children are free to work at their own pace on their own issues after an initial lesson or story within a safe and sacred structure. Our focus is on the Unitarian Universalist 7 Principles and the UU sources.

Sept. 8 Multi-Generational Service Childcare Available

CRE Community Service project

2019-2020 CRE will be sponsoring the Bremerton Backpack Food Brigade for kids who need food on weekends beyond school meals. There is a box in the foyer for donations.

In the CRE Room is Children’s Altar—Children are encouraged to bring something to place on the altar (stone, poem, drawing, shell, etc.)

Children’s Tote Bags with goodies for keeping little hands busy during the service are now available.  Bags include coloring pages and fidget toys. Please put back in basket at end of service.

Next Potluck Sept. 29, 2019

Children are invited to Sing with the Choir

Here are the songs that will be incorporated into the services and when these songs are sung—children are invited to come up and sing. Mike has created a Dropbox for these files.  Please feel free to grab them if you wish.

Here are the songs that you can listen to and practice ahead of time:

Come Sing a Song with Me, Voice Still and Small, Gather the Spirit

Additional Childcare Staff Needed for Sunday Mornings

Do you know some who loves children and is looking for a small part-time job on Sunday mornings?   Please send inquiries to Jenell at

Childcare Opens at 10:00 am Please drop your children off after 10 am!

Childcare is located in the building above the parking lot, room on the RIGHT.

Any questions please ask Brenda, Child Care Coordinator

Childcare Requests?

Are you wanting to attend a meeting after the service and would like childcare? Do you need childcare for an event? Please contact Jenell at to make arrangements.


Why do KUUF members attend our Fall Auction?

  • To have a good time!  It’s our biggest party of the year.  This year the theme is Italian!
  • To foster fellowship as we work together to produce the auction, and gather that evening to celebrate the joy of belonging to our KUUF Beloved Community.
  • To bring friends as guests who may not yet know that they are UU’s.
  • To enjoy the fabulous professional lip-synching performances by Lennie Bironne, as well as some surprise entertainment.
  • To donate quality treasures that you are ready to pass along for someone else to enjoy, or to donate something fun to do with friends.
  • To eat a tasty buffet dinner, this year including a three sauce spaghetti dinner.  There is also a wine and beer bar and fabulous flavored waters.
  • To support our Raise the Paddle causes.  This year, at the request of our Children’s Religious Education Committee, funds will go toward supporting an intergenerational camp for all at the Seabeck Conference Center.  
  • To find the perfect Christmas or birthday present for someone on your list (maybe even you!).
  • To find a treasure or to obtain a wonderful experience, e.g., a destination vacation venue, a meal in someone’s home, or a fun activity with friends, e.g., a Un Super Bowl Party.
  • To support KUUF.  The auction is budgeted to raise $12,000.00 for our General Fund.  Your support is needed through ticket sales, donations, or purchases.

See you at the Auction on Saturday, November 2, from 5-8 p.m.  Watch for Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt or Carolee Effron in the foyer after worship services—they have tickets for sale @ $15.00.  Childcare is available ( as well as scholarship tickets (  Questions?  Contact Ellen Newberg, 2019 Auction Chair ( or (

09/01/2019: Truth Quest Book Group

The Truth Quest Book Group is taking a “Summer Break” and we will not be meeting on our usual First Sunday time in August.  We will next meet on September 1st, 9:30 am-10:30 am in the KUUF Library.  The book we chose for our September meeting is  Becoming Boddhisattvas: A Guidebook for Compassionate Action (also published under the title, No Time To Lose) by Pema Chodron (previously published as). Jerry Butler, 360-981-8826