Author: Tanesha Smith

07/31/2019: Cross Cultural Partner Church Pilgrimage

Experience Transylvania alongside Khasi Unitarians from NE India!

By bringing together three very different embodiments of our global Unitarian/Universalist faith, this pilgrimage helps travelers deepen their U/U roots AND experience the breadth of our faith. Together, Khasi Unitarians and North American UUs will spend 2 weeks visiting historic Unitarian sites, Medieval cities and castles, spend time with Transylcanian Unitarians and enjoy the pastoral beauty of central Transylvania – all for less than $100/day

To register or to learn more, visit:

Deadline to Register: May 7, 2019

Price: From $1,195/person + $150 registration fee

07/28/2019: Divining the Body

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Amy Beltaine, Let us gather to find again the divinity of our miraculous bodies, our beautiful souls. If you have ever thought that your body is too fat or thin or your hearing aid is a flaw… If you have ever run into an inaccessible doorway or airplane seat or experienced disrespect for your service dog… Join us to re-member, to re-divine our sacred selves. Let us stand (or sit, walk, or roll) together on the side of love for every-body!

Reverend Amy Beltaine is a traveling spiritual director providing Sunday services, retreats, and spiritual mentoring as a UU ministry: Supporting helpers who worry about making a difference to recharge their spiritual verve. When Hawthorne and Amy are not pulling their little home behind them they are in Portland, OR with beagle (Zim) and cat (Annie). A graduate of Meadville Lombard School for the Ministry, Amy is on the steering committee of the UU Spiritual Directors’ network. Amy is an accredited Spiritual Director, certified Transitions Specialist, nearly life-long earth-honoring Process-Panentheist, and recent President of the Covenant of UU Pagans.

07/21/2019: SpiritRest Silent Retreat

SpiritRest is a facilitated five-day silent retreat for Unitarian
Universalists and other spiritual seekers. Our 2019 gathering will be July 21-26 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. This retreat is led by UU ministers Sharon Wylie, Arvid Straube, Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, and Lucy Bunch.

Retreatants meet with a spiritual director for a half hour each day. In addition to the practice of silence, there is guidance for meditation, labyrinth walks, prayer, art journaling, Qi gong, and InterPlay. There is also time for singing together. Each day closes with a vespers service at sundown.

Learn more at our website

Rev. Sharon Wylie

07/21/2019: Kindness of Strangers: Hitchhiking toward Trust

Asking for a ride from a total stranger is an ancient practice of travel that requires both a sense of adventure and a fundamental belief in the goodness of human beings. This sermon explores personal 
experiences of hitchhiking, and some of the profound conversations, memorable characters, and deep teachings along the way.

Our speaker, Joseph Bednarik, is a publisher at Copper Canyon Press in Pt. Townsend and a member of Quimper UU Fellowship.

07/14/2019: Spirit of Pride

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Carol McKinley: Next Saturday is Kitsap County’s Pride Festival, a time to show your rainbow colors as we acknowledge the struggles GLBTQI people have endured in their pursuit of full equality, and to celebrate what has been realized in the 50 years since the modern gay rights movement was launched at NY City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969.  

The Reverend Carol McKinley is an affiliated community minister with the Olympia UU Congregation, where she coordinates its Faith in Action Ministry. She also serves on the Pacific Northwest District Healthy Congregations Team.

07/12/2019: Second Friday Film Series

One summer in Indianapolis, there was a tent city under a bridge and a man named Maurice. His camp becomes a real community, supported by church volunteers, until police and bulldozers close in to shut it down.

Screening 7:00; Open at 6:30 for snacks and social time

Discussion following the movie

Families welcome: Kid’s play corner available

Free admission. Donations welcome.

07/08/2019: Second Friday Film Series POSTPONED!!

KUUF’s Second Friday Film Series for July—“Under the Bridge”—has been POSTPONED in order that people can stand in solidarity ON THE BRIDGE.   This is part of a nationwide “Lights for Liberty” protest of the situation and conditions at the camps on our southern border. We will show “Under the Bridge” on the second Friday in August.  Please join us ON THE east side of the Manette BRIDGE at 7 pm this Friday.   Together we stand, and together we are stonger!

07/07/2019: The Power of We

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers, At this year’s General Assembly, we explored the power of Unitarian Universalism to respond to a hurting world. Rev. Jessica attended in person and will share with us some of what she learned. How can we harness “the power of we” as we work toward collective liberation? Let’s imagine some of the ways we can bring this to our community on the Kitsap Peninsula.
For those unable to attend the General Assembly, many of the events are available online, via video and transcript. You can find them at:

Rev. Jessica Star Rockers is our new minister at KUUF. You can read more about Rev. Jessica here.

07/05/02019: Concerts in the Barn

Concerts in the Barn is delighted to announce its third season of free chamber music concerts held in its iconic barn in Quilcene, WA. This year, the season begins on Friday, July 5th, and continues each weekend through July 21st

As in previous years, all concerts are free to the public—no tickets are required. The farm opens to visitors at noon each concert day. At 1 p.m., the barn doors open so that patrons can reserve their seats, either on comfortable pews or hay bales in the loft. Concerts begin at 2 p.m.

This year, Concerts in the Barn features the Carpe Diem String Quartet, of which The Washington Post recently wrote, “among these contemporary quartets…the Carpe Diem is the best one out there.” 

Two members of the musical ensemble are well-known to patrons who have been coming to the farm for a decade or more—first violinist Charles Wetherbee and violist Korine Fujiwara. Joining them are second violinist Marisa Ishikawa and Gregory Sauer, cellist. 

On Friday, July 5th, renowned mandolinist/composer Jeff Midkiff will join the Quartet to perform traditional folk and fiddling tunes as well as original compositions featured on Midkiff’s Gold Prize-winning CD, “Run for Your Life.” 

On Saturday and Sunday, July 6th and 7th, the Carpe Diem and Midkiff will perform Midkiff’s string quintet, “Gypsy,” commissioned by the quartet, as well as music composed by violist Korine Fujiwara, inspired by her beloved home, Montana. To round off this all-American weekend, the Quartet also will perform Samuel Barber’s beloved American string quartet.

Midkiff and the Carpe Diem have performed together before, most recently in Carnegie Hall, which The New York Times described as “a fiery and flexible performance that was astonishingly free…”

Over the next two weekends, the Carpe Diem will perform an intriguing medley of chamber music that spans several continents. On July 13-14, the Quartet will perform the breathtaking works of Finnish composer Rautavaara and Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (interspersed with a Haydn quartet), and on June 20-21, the Quartet takes on the momentous works of Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky, two Russian giants in the composing world—with a romantic interlude of a Mendelssohn quartet twixt these giant opuses. 

For the past 35 years, thousands of concertgoers have flocked to the farm—now known as Trillium Woods Farm—to hear the world’s greatest chamber music musicians perform the world’s greatest chamber music in this distinctly pastoral setting. Concertgoers can sit inside the barn on comfortable pews or hay bales in the loft, or outside on the knoll, where music is aired outside. Families are warmly welcomed. This is a great opportunity to introduce children to chamber music, while they explore the farm. Patrons with mobility issues are encouraged to call the festival office at (360) 732-0732 to make sure their needs will be easily accommodated.

Trillium Woods Farm owners Alan Iglitzin and Leigh Hearon encourage people to come early, pack a picnic, and enjoy the farm environs before the music begins. Inside the milking shed, patrons can purchase cider from Finnriver Cidery and wines from Joe Euro’s The Wine Seller. Profits from all these beverages will go to fund Jefferson Youth and Music groups. Free bottled water also is available.

“We can’t wait for the season to begin,” says Alan Iglitzin, the founder of the Olympic Music Festival and Concerts in the Barn. “It’s always such a joy to greet our old friends who have been coming here for years and to make new friends, too.”

For more information, please go to or call (360) 732-0732.

Please pass this email along to your friends and anyone you think might be interested in attending. We hope you have a wonderful 4th of July—and look forward to seeing you at the farm next weekend!

With warmest regards,
Alan & Leigh

07/03/2019: Notes From the Minister

Happy July! I have returned from the General Assembly in Spokane and am filled with new ideas and enthusiasm for our faith! I look forward to sharing some of that with you this Sunday, as I preach on “The Power of We”, which was the theme for GA this year, an inspiring and challenging topic. How can Unitarian Universalists work together to serve our world? And what do we mean by “we”? There were many answers to this 
As we enter the month of July we enter the slowest time of the year for congregational life. The warm weather and long days become the norm (mostly!) and hopefully, we all get a chance to spend some time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. It is such a thrill to watch the earth burst forth with its abundance this month, to walk through the farmers market marveling at the stalls of fresh produce and sample the tastes of summer. 
I am taking two trips this month, one for a week-long family vacation to Southern California and one to teach at a multi-faith family camp in Idaho. I will be gone July 9-15 as well as July 28-Aug 3. If you email me during those times, please know it might take me some time to reply. In case of emergency, Tanesha and the board presidents all have my cell number and can reach me at a moment’s notice.
This month I am also leading our Children’s Chalice Camp, which is meeting July 16th and July 18th from 9-12. Everyone is welcome to attend! The morning will be fun and games and learning, and then we will be gathering at noon for a potluck. The best part of the potluck is that our congregational elders will be in attendance! As we endeavor to make stronger connections across the generations. And of course, if you and your child would like to attend, you can RSVP to me at
Many blessings on a joyous July. May the sun shine on your shoulders! And may you experience the abundance of summer.
Rev. Jessica

06/30/2019: Tension, Harmony, and the Golden Mean

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Joseph Bednarik: In our age of polarized politics and righteous opinions,  
this sermon considers the ancient ideas of the “Golden Mean” and “The  
Middle Way”—searching for a harmonious zone between loud extremes.

Joseph Bednarik, a frequent and much-appreciated speaker at KUUF, is a publisher at Copper Canyon Press in Pt. Townsend.