Author: Tanesha Smith

12/30/2018: The Book from Sara Van Gelder our December 30th Speaker

Her recent book is called: The Revolution Where You Live: Stories from a 12,000 Mile Journey Through a New America.

At a time when so much about our world is so profoundly broken, Sarah van Gelder set out on a 12,000 mile road trip to look for signs of progress on climate justice, economic justice, and racial justice. Her findings are both sobering and deeply hopeful.

According to Sarah, the best way to get the book is via independent bookstore, Powells, which has used and new copies available:

The audio book and e-book versions are available here:

The book will also be on sale at KUUF on December 30, and a couple of copies are now on a table in our church lobby with a payment basket.


12/24/2018: Christmas Eve Service

KUUF is pleased to invite you, your family and friends to our annual Christmas Eve service at 5 pm on December 24th. Let us gather in the warmth of community and look to the returning of the light as a source of hope, witnessing to one another’s radiant humanity and committing ourselves once again to bring our light to the world. Our minister, Rev. Jessica will be sharing a few words, there will be lots of carol singing, and the service will end in lovely candlelight. All are welcome! We hope you will join us for this special service

12/23/2018: Come Christmas!

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Carol McKinley: Join us to celebrate the season. Our theme is waiting, anticipation,the return of light and the birth of hope. 

The Reverend Carol McKinley is an affiliated community minister with the Olympia UU Congregation, where she coordinates its Faith in Action Ministry. She also serves on the Pacific Northwest District Healthy Congregations Team.

12/19/2018: KUUF BOARD OF TRUSTEES Agenda


6:30 PM Call to Order:  Eric Harrold, President

Chalice Lighting


6:45 PM Vote to adopt the Consent Agenda

  • Minutes of the November 19, 2018 board meeting
  • Board Liaison & other reports, including Finance; Personnel; etc.

6:50 PM Vote to adopt the Agenda for this meeting

6:55 PM President’s Report: Eric Harrold Review of Fellowship Business

  • AED is being installed in the foyer, next to the Elmore Rm doorway. Thank you, Terry
  • Thanksgiving dinner at KUUF had approximately 45 persons – thank you volunteers
  • Caring Team and others helped a young woman in distress on Sunday
  • In discussion with PWR to complete “Staff start-up”
  • Finance has requested 2019 – 2020 budget proposals from committees – liaisons please follow up
  • Two new congregation elected board members: Lynn Lund and Jackie Westwood

7:00 PM Treasurer’s Report (Mark Sugimoto): Vote to approve.

7:15 PM Board Growth Topic: Why do we pay UUA and PWR dues?

7:25 PM *****OLD BUSINESS *****

KUUF Policy on Congregational Safety (Eric Harrold): In conjunction with 2018 Safety Campaign we are looking into “Emergency Communications” between the child care area and the congregation. Are walkie-talkies an option or are cell phones adequate? Who at the service should be in contact with child care? Discussion.

7:45 PM   *****NEW BUSINESS *****

CRE Budget Increase Request (Mark Sugimoto): The CRE has asked for a budget increase of $125 for church year 2018 – 2019. Are there available funds to support this request and if so, where would this money come from? Discussion. (refer to end of agenda for budget reference)


Adult Religious Education (ARE) revival (Jill Clarridge): Jill will be telling us about the effort to revive the ARE. Several members have come together under Jill’s leadership to bring this program back to KUUF – and we thank them all for making this happen. Discussion.


Should we revive the Fun and Frolic Committee (Lisa Johnson): Members are interested in re-starting the Fun and Frolic Committee to manage KUUF activities. With many of our activities open to the public, planning and execution of those events becomes more critical. Discussion.


KUUF 2018 Five-Year Plan passed by congregation (Eric Harrold): Now that the KUUF 2018 Five-Year Plan has been accepted by the congregation, the board, council and committees need to review for items which need their attention. The board could form a task force to assist all “Responsible Groups” with identifying their roles in executing this plan. Discussion.


8:25 PM Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for November 2018:  

Conversations with the Board Topics: __________

For the good of the order

Date of next Board meeting:  January 16, 2019

8:30 p.m. Adjournment

Supporting Data

Board authorized increases to the annual 2018-2019 budget: It has been agreed by the board, after discussion with the Treasurer, that after reconciling the current church year budget, if the funds are not available to pay for these additional expenditures, the money will be transferred from the reserve savings account to balance the budget.

  • June 25th; $619.10 for personnel raises
  • Aug 15th; $362 for parish nurse insurance premium
  • Sept 19th; $29.90 for minister’s contract
  • Oct 17th; $1600 for an AED
  • Oct 17th; $300 for the ministers stole
  • <Dec 19th; $125 for CRE budget increase>

Total: $3,036.00 = 1.8% of $163,531 2018-2019 budget

12/16/2018: Newcomer Orientation

This Sunday After Service, December 16th at 11:45 am

Are you new to KUUF and wonder what Unitarian Universalism is? Do you want to know more about this Fellowship? Do you want to know how and when to become a member and what that means for you? Do you have questions about KUUF you don’t know who to ask?
Come to our Newcomer Orientation this Sunday after service: 11:45 am to 12:45 pm in the Elmore Room. Snacks will be provided and all are welcome. Childcare provided upon request. 

12/16/2018: Torso of the Sun God

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Joseph Bednarik: “You must change your life.” So ends one of Rilke’s most famous poems, “The Archaic Torso of Apollo.” As we approach the darkest day of the year, let’s be together in candlelight and consider the glistening light, dimensional darkness, and what it means to see and be seen.

Joseph Bednarik, a frequent and much appreciated speaker at KUUF, is a publisher at Copper Canyon Press in Pt. Townsend and assistant to the minister for preaching at Quimper Unitarian Fellowship.

12/14/2018: Sign Up for Potlucks Meet Our New Minister

**All spots for the Saturday, December 14, 2018 Potluck are filled**

Greetings from your newly re-formed Committee on Ministry (COM). Along with our new minister, the Reverend Jessica Star Rockers, we serve as a committee to support the shared ministry of KUUF. Our focus is the spiritual health of this congregation, and the ways this is lived out in our community.

The first order of business is making sure our new minister has a smooth entry into our community and gets off to a great start. To that end, we are scheduling monthly “Meet the Minister” gatherings where you can sign up in small groups to enjoy a meal and get to know Jessica a little better.

At the request of COM members, six hosts from different parts of Kitsap county have volunteered to hold potluck dinners in their homes starting in December, 2018, through May of 2019.

To sign up for the first potluck in December, please follow the tips below:

  • Date: Saturday, December 14, 2018 at 6 p.m.
  • Hosts: Alan and Ellen Newberg
    9255 Illahee Rd. NE, Bremerton, WA 98311 (1/2 mile south of the Brownsville Marina).
  • Space for 9 guests
  • The first 9 people to let Ellen know they would like to participate will constitute the guest list. Contact:; (360) 692-3981
  • Newberg’s have a cat.
  • Food—potluck. Ellen will work with guests to determine who brings what.
  • There is a flight of six stair steps to climb inside, plus a few steps outside.

Looking Forward to Additional Hosts in 2019:
Carolee Effron, January 15—Jill Clarridge, February 23—Susan Welsh, March 18, —Robin and Peter Kreidler, April 11—Selene and Nate Patterson, May 17.

To Participate:
Look for signup sheets in the foyer. In addition, information will be published in The Candle with details of each month’s potluck.
Members of KUUF’s COM welcome your feedback and suggestions. We can be reached at Vivien Blyth, Karen Leader-Scott, Ellen Newberg, Jack Peterson, Jackie Westwood and Rev. Jessica.

12/14/2018: Second Friday Film Series

20 years since Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues shattered taboos, the stakes could not be higher. V-Day is a movement that grew out of the untold stories of women. We believe women. We believe in their right to tell their stories and we believe their stories need to be heard. Nothing is more powerful. The Vagina Monologues gave birth to V-Day, a global activist movement to end violence against all women and girls. With creativity and determination, V-activists around the world tirelessly work to end rape, harassment, battery, incest, female genital mutilation, and sex slavery.

At KUUF 4418 Perry ave NE, Bremerton
Open 6:30 pm for snacks and social time Screening at 7:00 pm
Families welcome: Kid’s play corner available

12/13/2018: Letter from the President

Greetings KUUF Congregation:

Thank you to all who attended the December 9th, 2018 congregational meeting. We had a quorum and I feel that business went smoothly. Here are the results:

Board elections – I am very pleased to tell you that both Jackie Westwood and Lynn Lund have been confirmed by the congregation as KUUF Board Members. The board had appointed these individuals to fill board vacancies left by the departure of June Jones and Jim Franklin. Lynn’s term will be complete on April 30, 2019 and Jackie’s term is complete on April 30, 2020. Congratulations to both of them…and us!

KUUF 2018 Five-Year Plan – We discussed action plans for five stated objectives: Beloved Community, Professional Ministry, Social Justice, Personal & Spiritual Growth, and Organizational Growth. We received no arguments against the action plans so none were included in the meeting packet. All action plans were passed by vote of the congregation.

What does that mean now? I have added the December 9th meeting results to the December board meeting agenda, where we will discuss how to execute the action plans. Since we are all a part of making the KUUF 2018 Five-Year Plan work, I encourage everyone to talk with your favorite board member regarding how you can be involved. Thank you for your patience in allowing the Planning-to-Plan Task Force to do their work and bring you this plan for our future. I look forward to working with everyone to make this dream a reality.

We are KUUF

Eric Harrold

President, KUUF Board of Trustees  

12/9/2018: Regaining the Kingdom – The Gift of Stories from Jesus and the Bhagavad Gita

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Unitarian Universalist ministerial candidate Margo Rinehart: Both the Hindi sacred text, the Bhagavad Gita, and the gospel stories of the coming of Jesus describe the hope of regaining control of the kingdom during dark times of war or occupation. Margo Rinehart, M.Div. will explore the shared lessons of hope and spiritual practices in the Christian text and the Bhagavad Gita.

12/9/2018: Children’s Religious Exploration

Ages 6+
This Year we will be weaving stories and activities through World Religions and connecting those stories with UU philosophy and the 7 principles.
Dec. 9
Celebrating Hanukkah
Dec. 16
Christmas Around the World and making Decorations
Dec. 23
Celebrating Solstice
Dec. 30
NO RE, Childcare Available

Childcare Available
Every Sunday

Guest At Your Table Boxes have been distributed. 

Please return with your check, cash or change by Dec. 6, 2019. 

Childcare opens at 10 am for children who do not want to start in the service. All children are welcome to start in the service and then go up to the children’s building for Childcare or Religious Exploration.

The children listen to a story in the service and then the congregation sings them out at approximately 11 am.
Childcare Needed for KUUF Event?
Please contact Jenell at
We invite parents of young children to participate fully in KUUF events and activities.  If the need for childcare is impacting your ability to engage in KUUF congregational life, please contact Jenell, our Children’s Religious Exploration Associate, at

12/9/2018: Congregational Meeting

Dear Congregation:
KUUF will be holding a congregational meeting on the 9th of December, after the service.
The following items will be on the agenda:

  • Vote to accept the minutes from the April 22, 2018 annual congregational meeting
  • Vote to install Marilyn (Lynn) Lund onto the Board of Trustees to complete the term
    previously held by June Jones (May 2016 – May 2019)
  •  Vote to install Jackie Westwood onto the Board of Trustees to complete the term
    previously held by Jim Franklin (May 2017 – May 2020)
  •  Vote to accept Action Plans for each of the five planning objectives approved by the
    congregation at the April 22th 2018 annual congregational meeting
  1.  Beloved Community
  2.  Social Justice
  3.  Personal/Spiritual Growth
  4.  Professional Ministry
  5.  Organizational Growth

Separately (not at this meeting), we have an A/V Task Force (Mack Johnson, Sterling
Fisher and Bonner Sams) working on ideas to improve our audio and visual capabilities for
the sanctuary. It is my intention to bring this before the congregation prior to buying the
equipment. This is the best time to talk with task force members to learn about meetings to
discuss ideas and learn what is being considered.

Thank you all

Eric Harrold
President, KUUF Board of Trustees

12/7/2018: Kitsap County Human Rights Conference

Tickets are now on sale for Building Community In A Polarized World: Celebrating our Togetherness, the 28th Annual Kitsap County Conference for Human Rights at Olympic College Friday, December 7 from 8 am to 4 pm.

KUUF’s Marcia Christen and Peninsula UU’s Judy Arbogast are among the 12 Workshop presenters.  Judy and Marcie Mathis both serve on the Kitsap County Council for Human Rights.  Let’s support our people and connect with local, human rights activists! For details and to register, go to:

Adult registration in $40 and Youth $25.  The KUUF Social Justice Committee is happy to pay part of that cost for any KUUF member or friend of KUUF.  To make that happen, talk with Tanesha at the KUUF office before November 30.

12/6/2018: Presidents Column

Good morning KUUF members and friends. I hope this holiday season finds you well and in good spirits. Please spend a moment with me to give thanks for all we have, knowing that others in our KUUF family are not entirely well and may be struggling with health or financial challenges. May our blessings and actions provide support for all their needs. Thank you.


Today I want to explore something which has challenged me for years and that is: how do we make decisions when the “right” committee does not exist to broker new ideas? This question was brought up recently at “Conversation with the Board” and is one I struggled with while chairing Buildings and Grounds. Unilateral decisions made in the past, whether we agreed with the decision or not, maintained order and kept our equipment where we could find it, and kept us in compliance with fire codes and other statutory requirements. That structure no longer exists. I feel we are floating around in a nebulous milieu; so, how do we address this thing that has no clear boundaries?


While some things are clear regarding who is responsible for a specific decision, e.g., the color of paint used to mark stripes in the parking lot decided by Building and Grounds, others are not. Rearranging furniture, changing kitchen equipment, posting ideas or opinions—like this one—adding to or taking away from something, covering things up or taking things down, are all examples of changes which may not fall within a specific committee’s responsibilities.


If you have practical experience with other organizations who have answered concerns such as these, or ideas from your own experience, I really want to talk to you!  Perhaps we can call ourselves the ad hoc committee on Decision Treeing? Yes, I’m having a bit of fun with this, but the need for such a procedure, matrix, scale, tool, whatever…is real. Please let me know your thoughts so we can explore this together.


Also, I have been thinking about ways of providing committees some space to store committee belongings. The only space I know of which could be used for this purpose is in the Matan Bldg. I’m asking the Council to add this to their agenda to gauge the need. If there is a need, I will bring this idea to the board for further consideration.


Thank you for taking the time to read this column. I believe that working together develops mutual satisfaction and a heightened sense of involvement within our community, which is why I say…We are KUUF.


Eric Harrold

KUUF Board President

12/2/2018: Truth Quest Book Group

the Truth Quest Book Group will be meeting on Sunday, Dec 2nd, 9:30 am-10:30 am in the Library (Elmore Room) at KUUF.  The book we chose for this gathering is “The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason,” by Sam Harris:  a well written, “pull no punches” depiction of some of the darker aspects of organized religion.  Please come, if you are able, to join us in this topic, so central to our current historical period  — Jerry Butler,, 360-981-8826