Listening and Caring


The Listening Team at KUUF is comprised of volunteers trained in listening, empathy and expressing with care. They are present after every Sunday service and are available to help support the fellowship when requested. The Listening Team is available to listen to ANY concern or celebration from any member, friend, or guest.

They are also available to support conversations between members/friends.

The Listening Team’s intention is to provide a safe, empathic space to meet the needs for support, connection, understanding, clarity, care, consideration, growth, learning, companionship, and respect. It was created to help build and maintain our beloved community. It is also a new entity at KUUF and therefore is evolving and dynamic.

Usually, there will be 2 members available at every service. The members on duty are listed in the Order of Service and will wear a Listening Team badge. Current Listening Team members are:

  • Jerry Butler
  • Marcia Christen
  • Karen Leader Scott

For questions, please contact liaison Marcia Christen.


The Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Caring Committee is charged with conveying the congregation’s concern when emergency problems arise for any of its members or friends. The group’s mission is to be of┬áservice when situations arise such as illness, accident, medical emergencies or bereavement.┬áTo contact this committee call the office 360-377-4724. The Caring Committee currently serves the following kinds of needs:

  1. Congregational concern, through phone calls, visits or by mail.
  2. Short term services, which provide support for homebound members or those recovering from illness or hospitalization. These services may include doing minor home chores, providing a hot meal, running an errand to the grocery or pharmacy, or short term transportation to medical appointments.
  3. Maintains a list of community and fellowship resources.