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11/04/2019: Auction Thank You!

Thank You to everyone who made this evening possible.  Special thanks to:

  • All who donated auction items, bought auction items, & came just to have a good time.
  • Janice Miller & Sunny Saunders, professional event planner, for our  spaghetti dinner.
  • Joey Witherspoon, Poster and ticket design/production and merchant donations 
  • Jill Clarridge and Helen Schwartz:  Merchant donations.
  • OE Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron:  Ticket Sales
  • Ginny Sugimoto:  Table Decorations; Janice Miller:  Buffet and beverage table decorations
  • Selene Patterson and Susan Welsh:  Display of Silent Auction Items 
  • Furniture moving to provide more space:  Jacob Patterson, Jack Peterson, Paul Wilson, Dan Millard & Alan Newberg
  • Wash wine glasses:  Dianne Brooks Stephens and Susan Scott.
  • Streaming Italian Bistro Background Music:   Ani Pendergast
  • Helen Schwartz and Karen Yarnell:  Greeters
  • Ed Woods and Gary Sykes:  Hosts
  • Nathan Patterson:  Bartender
  • Deborah Welsh & Michael Harris, Red Shed Roasters:  Coffee for our event (and every Sunday)
  • Deborah Welsh, Mike Harris, Bonnie Sykes & Vivien Blyth:  Silent Auction Support                                                                                    
  • Ryan Brewer, Auctioneer
  • Selene Patterson, Silent Auction Coordination and catalog
  • Lennie Bironne and Alena Hemingway:  Special entertainment
  • KUUF Choir; Mike Menefee, Choir Director; and Brian Kenny, pianist
  • Robin & Peter Kreidler & Alan Newberg:  Live Auction Spotters. Jo Walter & Nancy Sleight, Runners
  • Lisa and Mack Johnson, with Scooby:  Live Auction Item Display
  • Chalice Circle 3:  Italian Baskets Raffle (2)
  • Chalice Circle 7 & Nancy Sennett:  Wall of Wine
  • Photographer:  Sterling Fisher
  • Brenda Johnson:  Child Care
  • Tanesha Smith:  Office Support (liquor license, catalog, publicity, bid sheets, certificates, IRS receipts)
  • Ted Johnsrude, Jim Strunk & Nancy Sennett:  Auction Catalog copying and assembly
  • Susan Welsh, Check-in & Checkout Coordinator, with Karen Leader Scott, Terry Mallory, Karen Yarnell, Tanesha Smith, OE Hines-Brandt, Jim Strunk, & Mark Sugimoto.
  • Clean-up and Re-assembly Leads:   Susan Scott, Kitchen Clean-up, with Dan Schwartz and Chris Yarnell.  Paul Wilson, Sanctuary; Eric Harrold, Comfort, Board and Elmore Rooms, plus everyone who helped with set-up and clean-up.  Thank you, thank you.

Your 2019 Auction Team:  Ellen Newberg, Chair; Susan Welsh,  Janice Miller, Selene Patterson; Terry Mallory; Carolee Effron; Tanesha Smith; Joey Witherspoon.


Why do KUUF members attend our Fall Auction?

  • To have a good time!  It’s our biggest party of the year.
  • To foster fellowship as we work together to produce the auction, and gather that evening to celebrate the joy of belonging to our KUUF Beloved Community.
  • To bring friends who may not yet know that they are UU’s.
  • To enjoy the fabulous professional lip-synching performances by Lennie Bironne, as well as additional musical entertainments this year.
  • To donate quality treasures that you are ready to pass along for someone else to enjoy, or to donate something fun to do with friends.
  • To eat a tasty buffet dinner, this year including a three sauce spaghetti dinner prepared by Janice Miller and her event organizer daughter Sunny Saunders.  There is also a wine and beer bar and fabulous flavored waters.
  • To support our Raise the Paddle causes.  This year our cause is to raise funds to support Children’s Religious Education and intergenerational activities for all.
  • To find the perfect Christmas or birthday present for someone on your list (maybe even you!).
  • To find a treasure or to obtain a wonderful experience, e.g., Seattle Repertory tickets, a meal in someone’s home, or a picnic hike with friends.
  • To support KUUF.  The auction is budgeted to raise $12,000.00 for our General Fund.  Your support is needed through ticket sales, donations, and/or purchases.

See you at the Auction on Saturday, November 2, from 5-8 p.m.  Watch for Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt or Carolee Effron in the foyer after worship services—they have tickets for sale @ $15.00.  Childcare is available ( as well as scholarship tickets (  Questions?  Contact Ellen Newberg, 2019 Auction Chair ( or (

11/02/2019: BUONA NOTTE! 2019 KUUF AUCTION


Four key things are needed for a successful auction:  (1) Imaginative, desirable auction items; (2) Eager buyers; (3) Great food; and (4) Special entertainment.  Of course, these four things are underpinned by all the volunteers who support the auction both in the run-up to it, on auction night itself, and after.

Imaginative, desirable auction items:  Serious intelligence has it that there are already some pretty amazing, innovative, and unique items in the pipeline.  Meal donors from previous years, we are counting on you to open your homes for fellowship and sustenance. We are looking for fun experiences, too, e.g., the wine tasting a couple of years ago where the Poulsbo Police were invited to give us breathalyzer tests at the end of the evening.  That was really fun, not to mention a big surprise for the guests (we all passed the breathalyzer test, in case you are wondering). So, let your imaginations run wild and come up with those great auction items that will result in our achieving our budgeted $12,000.00 goal for the evening.  Click here to donate online:

or, watch for Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron at the ticket sales table beginning Sept.8.  They will have hard copy donation forms that can be given to our Office Volunteer Selene Patterson, for input.  They will also have donation ideas to start your creative juices flowing.

Eager buyers:  Again, please consider inviting non-KUUF friends, relatives, and neighbors to our auction as your guests.  Alan and I have hosted good friends for the past three years, some of whom bought a lot of stuff!  This is a way of expanding our bidding base, plus it introduces KUUF to friends and neighbors who are UU at heart but haven’t discovered it yet.

Great Food:  Thanks to hospitality maven Janice Miller and her professional event planner daughter, Sunny Saunders, we are looking forward to an Italian Spaghetti Dinner, complete with all the trimmings and dessert.   Special diet accommodation offerings will be available. Childcare is provided, including pizza dinner (contact  Children’s RE Coordinator Jenell DeMatteo to reserve space(s).

Special Entertainment:  With an Italian theme, we are looking forward to entertainments by KUUF talent including Lennie Bironne, professional lip-synch performer; the KUUF choir led by Mike Menefee; and Music Director Brian Kinney.  We look forward to meeting our new auctioneer, Ryan Brewer.

Tickets go on sale for $15.00 on Sunday, Sept 8 (no charge for children).  Watch for ticket sales mavens Emma/Otto Hines-Brandt and Carolee Effron in the foyer.  If you can’t attend the auction, please consider purchasing and donating scholarship tickets, as well as making donations.  Note:  Ticket sales are limited to 100 this year, due to space limitations.  – Ellen Newberg, 2019 KUUF Fall Auction Chair.

11/02/2019: AUCTION UPDATE: Q & A

  • Question:  When is the auction? 
    • Answer:  Saturday, Nov. 2, 5-8 p.m.  Tickets:  $15.00.  Childcare is available.  Scholarship tickets are available.
  • Question:  Am I limited to donating one item to the KUUF Auction?
    • Answer:  Mamma Mia!!!   No, no, no.  You are welcome, even encouraged, to donate more than one item to the KUUF auction.  For example, you could donate two meals at different times.  Or, you could donate tickets to a play plus a gift certificate for dinner before the show.  Or, you could donate that great kitchen appliance that you never took out of the box as well as a week of house or pet sitting.
  • Question:  Will I be able to buy raffle tickets for an Italian-themed food basket?
    • Answer:  Yes, yes, yes.  Chalice Circle 3 will have raffle tickets available for a fabulous Italian-themed food basket after services in October as well as at the auction.
  • Question:  Will there be new, fun things to do at the auction this year?
    • Answer:  Yes, yes, yes.  Chalice Circle 11 will give you an opportunity to play a game called Bird Cage.  A locked, beautifully decorated birdcage with enticing contents will be available the night of the auction.  Chalice Circle 11 members will have a limited number of keys for sale, only one of which opens the birdcage.  After all the keys have been sold, buyers take turns seeing if they have purchased the lucky key.  There will be other games as well.  Next week:  Wall of Wine.


55 of the 100 tickets available for our Fall Auction on Sat., Nov.2 were already sold as of Oct.6th.  This year we absolutely have to limit tickets to 100 for the super Italian buffet—breadsticks; pasta; marinara, meat, and Alfredo sauces; salads and dessert.  Don’t say you weren’t given fair warning!!  Tickets are available from OE Hines Brandt or Carolee Effron in the foyer after worship services.
Auction items are still needed. The cutoff date for your donations to be included in the catalog is Wednesday, Oct. 23—that’s less than two weeks away!!!

This year, we want to support the momentum of our Children’s Religious Exploration (CRE) Program.  Classes are growing in numbers!  Childcare services are expanding so parents can participate in other KUUF activities! We’re excited to offer RTP funds to enhance our UU children’s RE experience.  Possibilities include funding children and youth to attend UU youth activities, upgrading the successful Chalice Summer Camp led by Rev. Jessica, sponsoring an OWL (Our Whole Lives) class for elementary age kids, or partially funding a summer intergenerational program.  No matter what our talented volunteers and employees decide to do, the RTP funds will give CRE a boost aside from the basic funds the program receives from the annual budget.  Let’s show our children and their parents how important they are to this Fellowship!
Italian Basket Raffle: Before long, you will have opportunities to purchase raffle tickets from Chalice Circle 3 members. This basket is chock full of Italian wines, foods, and other treats.  The drawing will be immediately after the Live Auction closes.
Childcare available (free)—contact Children’s Religious Education Coordinator Jenell DeMatteo at