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01/28/2020: Board Meeting Agenda

  1.  Chalice Lighting and check-in (Board Covenant)
  2. Approve Consent Agenda
  3. Approve Agenda for tonight’s meeting
  4.  Clarity around email checking—acknowledgement of receipt, threads, Reply All
    1. alternative to email conversations?
    2. Thoughts?
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Budget discussion:  Board-identified needs
    1. Rev. JSR’s contract at 80%
    2. HVAC clean-up
    3. Growth budget:  for architects/initial planning/Consultants
    4. Music budget:  $500. music + Brian’s printing + software
    5. Tables:  round plastic to replace heavy wooden tables
      1. How many round tables/Package of 4?
    6. Fellowship payment for CPR class (for Childcare staff and community members)
    7. Board discretionary fund (retreat, holiday luncheon for employees)
    8. Other items from Board
  7. February 1, Saturday, 70th Birthday party
    1. For ages 3 and up (childcare available)
    2. Inauguration of new AV system
    3.  Potluck
  8. February meeting with COSM:  what do we want to know about the 5-Year plan
  9. Thank you notes for January
  10. Good of the Order

01/23/2020: Committees Asked to Offer Perspectives

The Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM) has been meeting with Rev. Jessica for about a year. It was formerly named the Committee on Ministry and was perceived as mostly a support group for the Minister. Under Rev. Jessica’s leadership, the newly named Committee on Shared Ministry is evolving toward the support of all the KUUF ministries. COSM members have been asked to request opportunities to check in with each KUUF committee/ministry
In its new Charter its purpose is defined as follows:
“B. PURPOSE: The purpose of the COSM is to collaboratively and compassionately support, coordinate, and focus the ministries of KUUF in fulfillment of its mission.  Its functions are to educate the congregation about our shared ministries, to assess the success of our ministries and to make recommendations for improvement to the Board.  The COSM does not implement or direct change.  It does not serve as a conflict resolution body. The COSM is an advisory committee to the Minister, the Board, and the congregation at large.  It does not have programmatic or administrative authority.  The Board is the decision-making body.”
As Rev. Jessica put it at our January 9, 2020 meeting, COSM’s role is to “observe the health of the ministries and progress of the Five-Year Plan.”
In order to do this, individual COSM members have been asked to request opportunities to check in with each KUUF committee/ministry.   Examples of discussion points include:
·    As a committee/ministry, how are you doing?
·    Do you feel that your committee/ministry is thriving?
·    How do you view your group as supporting KUUF’s Mission?  “Our Mission as the Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is to build a liberal religious community of love and justice, enriched by diversity that nurtures spirituality and inspires us to act on our beliefs.”
·    Are you getting the support you need from the minister, the Board, the Fellowship Council, the COSM, and the congregation?  If not, what would that needed support look like? 
·    What is your committee’s/ministry’s view of the Five-Year Plan and your role in supporting it?  Is it realistic? What steps have you taken to carry out desired outcomes delegated to your group?
Rev. Jessica and the committee members – Karen Leader Scott, Ellen Newberg, Jessica Demick, Marcia Christen, and Vivien Blyth look forward to contacting and meeting with the different ministries in the next month or two. If you do not get approached and would like to talk to a member of the committee please get in touch.

11/27/2019: Terry’s Notes from the Board

Terry:  In this season of gratitude, I am so blessed to work with Lisa and Reverend Jessica.

  • Rev Jessica shared information about the SENSITIVE LOCATION designation. This designation was mentioned by Carol McKinley this past Sunday.  As a church, we are automatically granted Sensitive Location status. This means that ICE is very limited in what they are legally permitted to do on our premises, by federal law.  There is an emblem that is widely recognized by those who are at risk from ICE interference. The board discussed and decided to display this emblem, on our building and website.  To learn more about Sensitive Locations, search, EL CENTRO DE LA RAZA and check out their Sensitive Location Toolkit.
  • Peter Kreidler, on behalf of the stewardship committee, shared some thoughts about a change in culture, that is happening in many UU congregations.  Instead of a few weeks, once a year, devoted to stewardship, the hope is that we can move toward a year-round attitude of giving as a spiritual practice.  
  • We agreed to meet on Tuesday, December 10th, because our regular meeting date falls on Christmas Eve. We plan to devote much of that meeting to financial and budgeting issues, in preparation for building the budget for the next fiscal year.
  • Susan Welsh shared some work that the finance committee has been working on some policy updates, and a proposal to establish a long-range capital planning committee.
  • Paul Wilson submitted some very exciting facts about current and projected growth, and the need to start immediately working on how to expand our capacity to accommodate this.
  • We have learned that the Elizabeth Bondy estate left the Fellowship a generous gift. The board voted to accept this bequest and use it to establish the Bondy Memorial Fund for Special Projects. It is our intention that this will, in part, be used to fund activities (eg. an architect consultation, if needed) of our newly established Task Force for Expansion Feasibility.
  • December Conversations with the Board will not have a designated topic. We invite you to bring whatever questions or concerns you might want to discuss.

Please enjoy this lovely season of gratitude and giving, spend lots of time with people you love, and join us for December 8th’s Unitarian Universalist Christmas pageant.

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11/27/2019: Lisa’s Notes from the Board

I often have trouble at the holidays. Christmas, although beloved, involves so much excess, and when I think of the many privileges I enjoy in my life, I often feel dragged down by the conviction that I have done nothing to deserve all I have.  But Thanksgiving always makes me happy. Acknowledging gratitude in my life makes me happy, and I love that at this time of year we talk more about gratitude, as we should throughout the year.

I feel wonderfully grateful to be an active part of KUUF. Last week in choir we sang “We shall come rejoicing…”, and we have so much to rejoice.

Our Fellowship is growing with new members, surpassing the Welcoming and Membership committee’s goal of 130 by the end of December.  We are now at 140. And we are seeing more families with children. What could be better? Of course, this also creates challenges, and we now have a task force to study how KUUF can accommodate this growth in the Sanctuary, in parking, and in the future as growth continues.

Our minister is a huge factor in that growth, and the more I work with Reverend Jessica, the more I rejoice that she has come to us.  Her sermons, her pastoral care, her commitment to social justice embody what KUUF can be in our community: a beloved source of caring and outreach to those who need it in our immediate community and in our wounded world. At our last Board meeting (we now meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month, to accommodate Reverend Jessica’s very full schedule) (and remember, she IS still a half-time minister!) the Board addressed several very important issues.  Here are some of them:

  • KUUF is hosting the ordination of our own Margo Rhinehart as a minister in the UUA. This is incredibly exciting news! Margo has been a KUUF member since her son, now in grad school, was a small child.  She has served several terms on our Board, has sung in our choir, has been part of the Worship Committee, led the Rummage Sale and Farmer’s Market, and done so much more.  Her work here inspired her to become a UU minister, and over the past years, she has pursued that, while working a full-time job and raising a delightful son. We are so pleased that we can host her ordination on March 7, 2020.  Please mark the date, and come to celebrate Margo!
  • We are in good financial shape. Our pledges are coming in, we hope to see our partnership with Easter Seals flourish with a new, 5-year lease.  
  • We hope to expand Reverend Jessica’s contract to ¾ time as of the beginning of 2020. She has already been putting in more hours that her contract allows, and the expansion reflects the many things she is being asked to do by our community, including teaching OWL in January, increased pastoral care, and increased opportunities to be part of social action in our community.

That is all I, as co-President will share with you for now. I will hand this over to Terry, the other half of your Board presidency. Before I go, let me just say that I rejoice in sharing this role with her.

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10/22/2019: KUUF Board Meeting Agenda

1.      Chalice lighting
2.     Check-In
3.      AV system discussion:  Reaching consent
a.     Explain the decision to be made
b.     Identify criteria:  5 takeaways from the congregation’s comments
c.     Collect proposal ideas
d.     Creatively bridge ideas
e.     Confirm proposal satisfies criteria
f.      Objections?  (Welcomed.  Objections point to elements that may cause harm.)
g.     Amendments, if necessary
h.      The Question:  Do you object to this proposal?  Can you live with it? (Do in a round)
i.      Debrief the process    Note:  during our discussion, we may determine that we are not yet ready to make the decision.  Nonetheless, as we move into consent-based decision making, this process should be instructive to us all.
4.     Minister’s report
5.     Treasurer’s report summary (Mark will be joining us when he can)
6.     Update on Easter Seals lease
7.      Waiving of fee for Climate 350 group’s use of KUUF (Marty Bishop)
8.     KUUF Stewardship Campaign:  Peter Kreidler
9.     Growth challenge:  Are we able to increase Rev. Jessica’s contract to ¾ time?
a.     Current membership numbers:  nearly 140 members
b.     Are we moving toward having a full-time minister?
c.     As the congregation grows, the minister’s professional development needs grow
d.     Leadership of key areas, i.e. worship, pastoral care, and personnel
10.   Sensitive location identification (tabled last month)
11.   November meeting with Committee on Shared Ministry
12.  Board discussion:  how do we respond to concerns raised by members?
13.   Thank you note recipients
Good of the order

10/10/2019: Dedicate a Chair

WE ARE GROWING! We are seeing a lot of new faces at services, and have several new members! This is wonderful news, and we owe many thanks to the Welcoming and Membership committee. Paul Wilson has been looking at logistics within and outside our sanctuary and determined the maximum capacity for seating and parking. In addition to providing more parking opportunities (in the overflow area), we are ordering TWELVE NEW CHAIRS for the Sanctuary!

This provides a unique and limited opportunity to dedicate a chair to the fellowship. Plaques can name the donor, memorialize a special person, or share a favorite short quote, etc. The total cost will be $250. This includes the cost of the chair and the plaque. There are only twelve, so the window for this opportunity will be limited to first-come, first-served. Contact Tanesha to reserve your chair. Email at or call 360-377-4724

09/18/2019: KUUF Board Meeting Agenda

KUUF Board Meeting Agenda
September 18, 2019

  1. Chalice lighting
  2. Check-in
  3. Revisit our Board Covenant: Reverend Jessica
    a. Thoughts?
    b. Additions?
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Mark
    Old Business:
  5. Update on Easter Seals lease: Lisa and Terry
  6. Update on food waste/recycling: Jackie
  7. Overflow lot: Paul Wilson’s plan, need for volunteers to park there: Terry
    New Business:
  8. AV discussions: Lisa and Terry
    a. How will we use input from congregational discussions
    b. Which option better serves our mission?
  9. Board meeting date to support half time ministry
    a. Board priorities for Rev. Jessica
    b. How could our Board meeting date better fit into Rev. J’s schedule?
    c. Share evaluation form we’ll need to complete end of fiscal year
  10. Committee on Shared Ministry and 5-Year-Plan
    a. Identification of Committee responsibilities
    b. Method for tracking progress
    c. Assessment
  11. Sanctuary: Rev. Jessica
    a. Sensitive locations laws: what do we need to know as a faith community?
    b. Including immigration status in our nondiscrimination policy
    c. What we may and may not ask potential members
    d. What can we legally do to stand up to ICE?
    e. Zines
    f. Webinar: Jessica will send link. Please view before this meeting
  12. Fun and Frolic Update
  13. Thank you note recipients
  14. Good of the order

09/01/2019: Agenda for Social Justice Committee Meeting

  • Chalice Lighting and Check-in
  • Thank you for coming today
  • Overview of Consensus-Based Decision Making (CBDM) Bonner
  • KIAC film showing of “The Deported” proposed by Airen Lydick (KIAC) at the Roxy Theater. Both Phil and Mack requested this agenda item. Phil sent us information on this event on Aug. 24. This would be a fun-raiser for KIAC. Phil proposes that we vote to actively support this event. Several have responded positively already.
  • Partnership with Guatemalan Church…this is a follow up to KUUF’s hosting of a Guatemalan wake a few months ago. Phil will give a short update of the meeting Rev. Jessica and he had with Pastor Lorenzo and others.
  • Sanctuary at KUUF…Jo has proposed that “we begin an active and formal exploration into the possibility of offering our church as a protective sanctuary to immigrants under the threat of deportation.” Several of us have responded positively to Jo. Phil requested this to be put on the agenda.
  • JUUstice Washington Annual UU Justice Summit Saturday, October 12, 2019, in Olympia. Susan has proposed that we (KUUF/SJC) become a sponsoring congregation. A suggested donation could be around $100 and we would be listed in the program. Susan, Karen Scott, and Rev. Jessica are going. This Summit is opened to all of SJC and KUUF. Basic registration is $35. Susan will be our point person. Thank you, Susan
  • Richard Renner “Reflections on Refugee Hospitality”…Karen Scott brought this to my/our attention. The presentation will be at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Friday, Sept. 20 6 pm-8 pm. Information
  • September 8, following the multigenerational Homecoming service, there will be a Committee Fair in the sanctuary. Round tables will be for each committee. I/ We will be participating with your help and ideas.
  • September 29, we, the SJC, will host the Potluck. At this time information will be shared on what is expected from us. Kathy, Verneda, Mack, Lisa, Peter, and I and others will share ideas. Several have already told me that they will not be able to help. No guilt, please. We all have other lives!
  • As this new season of activities is upon us, please make sure that your email address is still the same as last year. Phil is our member contact person.
  • Since our last meeting, many events occurred. Several activities surrounded the Stonechild’s March in Poulsbo and Sarah van Gelder’s presentation on Aug.25. Thank you, Jo and Sterling, for filming it.
  • (Several attended The Blessing at Ground Zero. Others attended Chief Seattle Days. Thank you, Rev. Jessica, for helping to serve the salmon. Hobie was a great help at KIAC.)
  • New opportunities…September 5 Side with Love is hosting a UUs and Global Climate Strike Webinar
  • September 6, at 6:00 (free) Kitsap History Museum (280 fourth Ave. Bremerton 98337) From Mexico to Mexican-American Family Immigration Story will be presented by Carlos Gil retired U of W professor.
  • Kitsap Historical society’s inaugural Indipino community of Bainbridge Island exhibit in Bremerton through the end of September
  • “We cannot create what we can’t see” Lucille Clifton (Sojourners Voice of the Day 8/27/19)
  • Extinguishing of the chalice.
  • Again, thank you for coming. Robin

08/07/2019: Caring Committee Announcement

The Caring Committee wants to remind all of you that we are here.  
The KUUF community looks out for its members in a variety of ways. There is support amongst friends, neighbors, chalice circles. I recently saw how members of this congregation rallied to help someone who has been ill, needing extra attention. These connections are invaluable. When those community connections need some supplemental help the Caring Committee is here. We can help with rides, meals, visits to shut-ins and /or those with illness as needed. We may also contact those who are wanting more support regarding life transitions, grief, other issues. We can help on a short term basis, pending volunteer availability. When we get a request that we cannot manage we will share community resource information with the person who made the request. In 2018 KUUF members/friends were asked to complete a volunteer survey indicating areas where they could help. The Caring Committee uses that survey to contact members who stated they could help in such areas as transportation and meals. We are now finding that we have increased requests for transportation in particular.
If you can help with this and have not already volunteered for helping with rides, do let the Caring Committee know. Please let us know if you would like to serve on the Caring Committee.
Also let the Caring Committee know if you need our help:
For emergencies only we can be reached at
Thanks to those of you who have been helping us!!
-Karen Leader Scott, KUUF Caring Committee