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03/31/2019: Food for the Mind and Heart

On Last Sunday’s be prepared for:
The regular great Sunday Service at 10:30 in the Sanctuary
Food for the body at 11:30 at the Potluck
Food for the Mind and heart at 12:05 in the Admin Bldg

A People’s History of Unitarian Universalism

Based on the book by John Buehrens. Presented by Rev. Jessica Star Rockers, the new minister at KUUF. She is an excellent speaker and brings both knowledge and enthusiasm to a talk which will be of interest to UUs and the community.

at Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 4418 Perry Ave NE, Bremerton in the Admin building

12/01/2017: A new KUUF spiritual practice group

Sundays, 9: am, KUUF Elmore Room

We have a new group called the Ongo group (for ongoing practice). They want to meet at 9:00 am-10:30 am Sundays from Oct 15th for 12 weeks, except holidays. So, for now, it would be Oct 15th, 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, Dec 3, 10, 17, Jan 7, 14, 21. They would like to use the Elmore room, and when its already being used by the Truth Quest Book, they could move to the minister’s office.

Information session re: NVC, Meditation, and Mindfulness practice group A new KUUF spiritual practice

group using “The Ongo Book”

Come see if this is a group for you

The Ongo Book was written by Jesse Wiens and Catherine Cadden to address a need they saw in their work training people in Nonviolent Communication, Zen meditation, and loving kindness.  They realized that the support of others is often key to establishing a regular practice of Zen or Nonviolent Communication.

The Ongo (ongoing practice) Book offers clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance so that people can self-organize their own Ongo training, with their friends, without having to leave their everyday life or find a teacher.
Please RSVP by email:

2017-2018 UUA Common Read

Discussion dates as follows.  Both are after the service on Sundays.

Centering:  January 28  after Sunday service

Daring Democracy:  March 25 after Sunday service

Get your 2017-18 UUA Common Read books at KUUF while they last!

Two books have been announced as the 2017-18 UUA Common Read.  UU Congregations all over the country will be reading and discussing these books.  Adult RE will lead KUUF discussions early in 2018.

Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry, edited by Mitra Rahnema (Skinner House, 2017), centers the stories, analysis, and insights of a number of Unitarian Universalist religious leaders of color as they explore how racial identity is made both visible and invisible in Unitarian Universalist communities.   (Foyer price:  $16.00)

Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Wantby Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen, (Beacon Press, September 2017) lifts up the importance of democracy itself. It examines the anti-democracy movement that led to the Trump presidency, then offers a vision and call to action to save the democracy we thought we had and to take our civic life to a place it has never been.  (Foyer price:  $13.00)

In choosing two books, the UUA Common Read Committee noted that “the challenges, the call, and the opportunity of this moment in Unitarian Universalism and in the broader US American society are compelling. Unitarian Universalists must be prepared and willing to look inward, examining, exploring, and acting to dismantle white supremacy culture in our association, in our congregations and groups, and in ourselves.”

A limited supply of books is available on the foyer or at the UUA bookstore and other retail outlets.  Kindle versions are also available.    Daring Democracy may be available at Kitsap Regional Library later in the year.  Scholarships are available — if you have financial need, simply take a book, otherwise, please leave cash or check in the envelope provided.

What adult religious exploration classes do you want to see happen?

Your Adult Religious Exploration Committee wants to know what classes you would like to see offered in the coming year.  Please take 6 minutes to record your preferences at  Rate your top 5 choices in three categories.  Let us know your preferred meeting time. 

Paper copies of the poll are available in the foyer. 

Thank you!  Your input is appreciated.