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04/28/2019: 2019 Annual Congregational Meeting

Hello All and Happy Spring!
This Sunday after service is the KUUF Annual Congregational Meeting.

All members are encouraged to attend. Attached are two packets for your review. 

1. KUUF 2018/2019 Annual Reports:This contains annual reports from the Board, Committees and staff.  Please review to see all the great things that have happened over the last year and what great things are in-store for upcoming year. Click Here to Review the Reports

2. KUUF 2019 Annual Congregational Meeting Packet: This packets contains the meeting agenda, information pertaining to items to be voted on, sample ballots, and information on how the meeting is conducted.  Click Here to Review the Packet

Hard copies of the packets will be available at the meeting.  If you would like to pick up a hard copy of either packet or have one mailed to you please let me know.  I will be in the office through Friday from 9am until 2pm.
Thank you for all the hard work you have all put into KUUF.  It is a pleasure to work with each and everyone of you.
In Peace,   

Tanesha Smith

Congregational Administrator  tanesha.smith@kuuf.org360-377-4724
Kitsap Unitarian Universalist FellowshipOffice Hours Monday – Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm

04/18/2019: AV Comparison Presentation

Minutes to this Presentation are available here.

Pastor Paul Meeker of Our Savior’s Lutheran demoing their Video system for us….

OSLC digital projector and manually retractable screen in a sunlit (yet still dim compared to KUUF) sanctuary…

OSLC digital projection upon a manually retractable screen.

OSLC manually retractable screen taken from about as far back from it as at KUUF…

Digital projector mounted onto vaulted ceiling at OSLC

Digital projector and manually retractable projection screen.

OSLC A/V hub.

Pastor Paul having to manually turn off the digital projector after demo-ing it…

St Paul’s Episcopal two 75” video monitors mounted both sides of their altar.

Hymn numbers & titles to be sung at SPEC

St Paul’s Episcopal Church logo…

…a Spoken Prayer at SPEC

Feb 17 Service at SPEC

Announcement at SPEC

KUUF Request for Proposal

System A
*Furnish and install a projector, laptop, and screen with all accessories necessary for a complete system to show videos, movies, and slides in our Sanctuary, including line voltage and low voltage wiring. The projector shall be wall-mounted and the screen shall be ceiling mounted.
*Base Bid, excluding sales tax: $
*Option 1: Exclude laptop-deduct from base bid $
*Option 2: Exclude labor to mount projector to wall and screen to ceiling-deduct from base bid $

System B

*Furnish and install two 55 inch LCD screens with one laptop and all accessories necessary for a complete system to show videos, movies and slides in our Sanctuary, including line voltage and low voltage wiring.  The LCD screens shall be installed suspended from the ceiling purlins, above the east windows, to the left and right of the pulpit.

*Base Bid, excluding sales tax: $

*Option 1: Exclude laptop-deduct from base bid $

*Option 2: Exclude labor to suspend LCD screens from ceiling purlins-deduct from base bid $

Gig Harbor Audio Estimate:
Digital Projector & motorized  Projection Screen
System2:  Video Monitors

Digital Projector
w/ Retractable
motorized Projection screen
…FULL Labor Cost.


Digital Projector
w/ Retractable Projection Screen
…but w/ KUUF providing
 some labor ourselves.

Video Monitors mounted from ceiling…
FULL Labor Cost

Video Monitors mounted from ceiling
…w/ KUUF mounting the monitors ourselves

Pros & Cons of Digital Projector & Retractable Projection Screen

  • Pros
  • Larger image up (up to 8’x10′)
  • Better nighttime viewing
  • Cons
  • More expensive by about $2,000
  • Additional cost/labor/maintenance of curtains along top sanctuary windows
  • Will block the view of our Glass Chalice during use.
  • Not nearly as good projection during daylight hours
  • Possible access issues in the off chance for manually turning projector on/off
  • Will require moderate training to operate
  • Will create more of a visual appeal disruption during the use of our sanctuary
  • Not as well suited for worship service integration vs. video monitors
  • Best viewed in center seating sections of Sanctuary

Pros & Cons of Two Video Monitors

  • :PROS:
  • Better suited for worship service integration
  • About $2,000 less expensive than Digital Projector/Retractable Screen
  • Better projection quality during daylight hours than DP/RS
  • No need for additional Sanctuary drapery
  • Will not block window views or glass chalice on the front wall.
  • Viewable/Readable from all seating sections in the sanctuary
  • Gets us closer to Green Sanctuary Certification by printing less OOS by integrating A/V into worship services.
  • :CONS:
  • Will require moderate training to operate
  • Possible visual appeal disruption of the sanctuary while not in use

04/17/2019: KUUF Board of Trustees Agenda

Agenda for April 17, 2019

6:30 PM    Call to Order:  Eric Harrold, President
        Chalice Lighting (opening blessing) 
6:45 PM    Vote to adopt the Consent Agenda
Minutes of the March 20, 2019 board meeting
Board Liaison & other reports: Council, Finance, Personnel, etc.
6:50 PM    Vote to adopt the Agenda for this meeting 
6:55 PM    President’s Report: Eric Harrold Review of Fellowship Business
Ministerial Service Survey responses were published in April’s President’s Column
I have not begun the service acknowledgment letters yet but it’s on my list (after ACM)
Has the Council received names for the scholarships to the GA Budget discussion last Sunday had approx. 12 people show up. Next one is 4-21-2019 Board retreat is scheduled for Saturday, June 15, 2019 (time and place to be announced)

7:00 PM    Minister’s Update to the Board: Presented by Rev. Jessica Star Rockers
7:15 PM    Treasurer’s Report (Mark Sugimoto): Presented by the treasurer – Vote to approve. 
7:25 PM    Board Growth Topic: Review articles VIII and IX for the By-laws

7:30 PM                       *****OLD BUSINESS *****
As a matter of policy, is allowing an outside agency to fundraise on KUUF property something we want to do (Terry Mallory): It appears that some amount of funds were collected at KUUF by a group advocating against the deportation policy. Should KUUF allow outside agencies to fundraise on our property? Discussion. 
ACM agenda development (Eric Harrold): I would like to review the development of the ACM again.  (see the to date printed agenda). Discussion. 

7:40 PM                   *****NEW BUSINESS *****
Formation of a Media Communications Committee (Eric Harrold): The Media Communications Task Force, through Jackie Westwood, announced their completion at the last board meeting. I believe we need to form a committee to continue this work and relieve the burden from the admin staff in managing a routine business that is normally addressed by a committee. Discussion. 
Bondy family sculpture in Memorial Garden (Eric Harrold): The Bondy family has requested to install a new sculpture in the Memorial Garden in commemoration of Elisabeth and Roger Bondy. I have asked the office to include an announcement flyer in the OOS with me as the contact person. No feedback yet. I propose we vote to allow. Discussion.
Suggested motion:
I move the Board of Trustees authorize the installation of a sculpture in the Memorial Garden to commemorate the legacy of Roger and Elisabeth Bondy. 

Consulting Minister’s Contract (Eric Harrold): A four-member panel has developed a two-year, half-time consulting minister’s contract (the panel was Eric Harrold, Lisa Johnson, Terry Mallory, and Mark Sugimoto). The contract has been reviewed and tentatively accepted by our Quarter-time Minister, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers. I recommend a vote of the board to authorize signing the contract after services of May 5, 2019. Discussion.
Recommended motion:
I move that the Board of Trustees authorize a two-year, half-time consulting minister contract be signed on May 5, 2019.


Service recognition Sunday (Eric Harrold): For several months the board has been considering how to thank members for their service and decided to hold a “Service Sunday.” We need to schedule this event with the minister, the Worship Committee and the honored guests. Discussion.


KUUF delegate credentials for General Assembly (Eric Harrold): The UUA has given us three delegate credentials for GA in addition to two others; one for the minister and one for a master religious educator. We have several people going to GA and I need to assign the credentials. Vote on who receives credentials. 
8:40 PM    Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for March 2019:  
        Conversations with the Board Topics: _Priorities for the coming church year_______
        For the good of the order:

Date of next Board meeting:  May 15, 2019
8:45 PM    Adjournment

04/14/2019: AV Presentation Minutes

Conversation with the Board
Sunday, April 14, 2019, Noon

Proposed AV Equipment Changes

The Problem

In response to a wish for a better system to project movies during the Social Justice Committee’s Second Friday Film series, an ad hoc subcommittee of three formed to investigate the options for new AV equipment for the Sanctuary. Committee members are Sterling Fisher, Mack Johnson, and Bonner Sams. The committee solicited bids from eight local businesses for two different equipment options. At this meeting, Mack and Bonner resented the bids and pros and cons of each of two options.
Our current system of digital projector with a laptop and hook up to the audio system is difficult and time-consuming to set up, has unsafe cords running across the room and a heavy screen to lug and muscle up, and has less than a satisfactory image. In addition to the use of the equipment for the film series, it could be used during Sunday services, for groups renting the facility, and at weddings and memorial services.
Attached to these notes is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that Mack and Bonner showed the group.

Two Systems
The committee visited local churches to learn of the systems they use and get feedback on the functionality of them. Two options emerged: (1) A ceiling mounted screen and digital projector system, or (2) two 65” digital flat screen TVs with adjustable angle positioning. A master panel would be erected near the podium for laptop connection and control.

Two Bids
Out of the requests submitted, only two firms submitted bids: Nuts About Hi-Fi (recommended by one of the churches), and Gig Harbor Audio.
The bid from Nuts About Hi-Fi was the lower and included an option for KUUF doing some of the labor. See PowerPoint presentation for details.

Pros and Cons
It was suggested that the pros and cons of each option be published on the KUUF web site and in The Candle, and also as part of the ACM packet.

Projector and Screen:
Pros: larger image, better views at night

Cons: would require curtains for the clerestory windows at an unknown expense, more expensive than TVs, when in use the screen would block the wall mounted chalice and many of the worship service props, day views would not be good, possibly need to have access to it to turn it off, doesn’t integrate well with the sanctuary, screen will not be seen well at all occasions in the Sanctuary, and training required to operate.

Two Digital TVs:
Pros: better for use in worship services, less initial expense, better viewing in the day time so curtains on the clerestory windows would not be required, would not block the wall chalice, may be able to go paperless during our services, and can be seen by all locations in the room

Cons: may not be visually appealing (but can project visually appealing scenes when not in use), and requires training to operate.

Discussion Points
We currently have funds available for about half of the Nuts About Hi-Fi estimate so we would have to find the remainder of the funds from a source or do some fundraising. Concerns expressed about the aesthetic appeal of both options. More seemed in favor of the TV options. Difficult to fully evaluate the projector and screen option without knowing what the clerestory shades would cost. If the congregation knows what the costs are, it might sway them to one option over another.

Annual Congregational Meeting Vote
Per President Eric Harrold, the matter will come to a vote before the congregation at the ACM on April 28. First, a vote on whether or not they are in favor of making an upgrade to the current system. If yes, another vote on which system is preferred. The congregation will not vote on the funding as that is a matter for the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Submitted by Selene Patterson, Ex-Officio Board Secretary

04/14/2019: Save the date, Save a life!

Join us after service on April 14th for a quick and easy familiarization training on our new Automated Electric Defibrillator (AED), with a brief “refresher” on CPR.  We will have a wonderful volunteer trainer from the American Red Cross here, so I hope many of you can join me in this terrific opportunity to learn together. 

Be well,
Jennifer Ingalls, RN, Parish Nurse

04/12/2019: Young Adult Spring Con

The Pacific Northwest Unitarian Universalist Young Adults (PNWUUYA) is hosting our annual Spring Con at First Unitarian Church in Portland, Oregon from 12-14 April 2019. The con is open to all people between the ages of 18-35 inclusive. We come together as a community and practice Unitarian Universalism together, with worships, small group discussions, workshops, and time to just be together. Con is drug and alcohol free. We will also be electing our new board at this con. 

Young Adult cons happen across the United States and Canada on a regular basis, and we are the sole provider of UUYA cons in the Pacific Northwest District. Young Adult cons are important because they are often the main or only way a lot of UUs stay involved in our faith during our college years, and provide life long friendships which are for many of us some of our closest friendships. We hope that the young adults at your church will be able to come and have a wonderful time with us.

We strive to be accepting of all people, have many LGBT members in our community, and work hard to be as accommodating as possible to people with disabilities.

Our theme for our upcoming con is Home, and what that means, especially in a country with a large unhoused population.

03/31/2019: Food for the Mind and Heart

On Last Sunday’s be prepared for:
The regular great Sunday Service at 10:30 in the Sanctuary
Food for the body at 11:30 at the Potluck
Food for the Mind and heart at 12:05 in the Admin Bldg

A People’s History of Unitarian Universalism

Based on the book by John Buehrens. Presented by Rev. Jessica Star Rockers, the new minister at KUUF. She is an excellent speaker and brings both knowledge and enthusiasm to a talk which will be of interest to UUs and the community.

at Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 4418 Perry Ave NE, Bremerton in the Admin building

03/28/2019: 2 Scholarships to UUA General Assembly Sponsored by Endowment Fund

The Unitarian Universalist General Assembly will be held in Spokane, WA, from June 19 to June 23, 2019. The General Assembly provides not only a wide range of educational offerings but also a great opportunity to join in fellowship with other Unitarian Universalists.

2 scholarships are being sponsored by the Endowment Fund. Each scholarship is worth $1,200.00.
The hope is that individuals who could not afford to go to the General Assembly would be able to go with the assist of these scholarships. The amount offered should cover tuition, housing, and some meals. 

To apply for these scholarships contact   Give a brief statement as to what going to the General Assembly would mean for you. Please submit your request by May 1, 2019.

03/22/2019: March Parish Nurse Update

Hello friends,

I wanted to share some recent experiences and perhaps get some of you thinking.  This past weekend, my husband Kent and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  At one point, during a delicious meal of “bangers and mash,” I swallowed a piece of sausage (banger) the wrong way.  And by swallowed the wrong way, I mean actually that I didn’t swallow it but it became firmly lodged in my airway.  

It’s amazing how fast and yet slow things moved for me in the next few seconds. I coughed and tried to drink water, and then, couldn’t cough. Training took over and I stood up and moved to the edge of the table so that my husband could position himself more easily to help me.  And then when I couldn’t breathe, I used the universal sign for choking, with hands around my throat.  And one-two-three, pop!  Kent, a trained first-responder, performed three textbook perfect abdominal thrusts, cleared my airway, and I gathered myself together to notice a table across from us with several young men clapping and giving Kent the thumbs up.  Apparently, they were all off-duty firefighters. I was fortunate to be in a safe area, with many well-trained people able to help.  

Last week, during a visit with my parents, my father told me of one of his friends who experienced sudden cardiac arrest in an airport.  A bystander (who was an RN), grabbed the automated external defibrillator (AED) off the wall of the airport and performed CPR with automatic defibrillation.  My father’s friend lived and is doing well.  

The summer before we moved to Washington, I went on a “girl’s weekend” with my best friend Maggie, her wife and their two girls. The youngest at that point was only 8 or 9 months old.  While sitting in the living room, surrounded by adults, that little one somehow managed to get a small clear piece of plastic in her mouth.  She turned the classic shades of red, and then blue in rapid succession.  I cleared her airway in another “training over emotions” moment that seemed to take an eternity.  

So my thoughts this month for you are these. Is this, perhaps, a skill you have to offer the world? Have you taken a CPR class in the past, but don’t really remember much anymore?  Are you worried you’ll “do it wrong?” Have you ever helped someone with a medical emergency, or perhaps, like me this weekend, been on the receiving end of some skilled assistance? This knowledge can be a beautiful way to nurture our interdependent web of life. And if you aren’t able physically to perform CPR, can you advocate for others around you to consider receiving training?

Training in CPR includes techniques in clearing airway obstruction, and using an AED; this is priceless knowledge. Here locally there are so many resources for receiving training or refreshing your training. Currently, the Central Kitsap Fire department offers free community CPR classes on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

As our fellowship embraces goals around safety, I hope you will please let me know if you would like further information on training in CPR, first-aid, or have any questions.  

Be well,

Jennifer Ingalls, RN

03/08/2019: Second Friday Film Series

The Reluctant Radical: Activist Ken Ward Confronts his fears and puts himself in the direct path of the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change.

Screening starts at 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm for snacks and social time. Discussion following the movie. Families are welcome with a kids’ play corner available.

Free Admission.Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 4418 Perry Ave NE Bremerton, WA call 360-377-4724 or email with questions.

03/07/2019: President’s column

Hello everyone! Spring is not exactly in the air yet, but the KUUF calendar is telling me our Annual Congregational Meeting is right around the corner (April 28th). With that in mind, I want to talk to you about some options for a minister this year. 

Our minister, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers, will finish her quarter-time contract with us at the end of April 2019. This has been an exciting time with her. Together, we held our breath while the UUA Fellowship Council approved her for ministry; we signed a contract with her as a quarter-time minister; we participated in her ordination, and we’ve treasured her care for us…bringing us to where we are now. 

The KUUF board and council are considering how to proceed from here. Individually, we all have a vote on how our fellowship is run. Both the board and council share a greater responsibility, in that we consider not just ourselves but the whole congregation. We have a duty to do what is best for the fellowship, which is why I’m sending a Ministerial Services Survey to the congregation. 

What I’m suggesting to you, and the board is considering, is that we hire Rev. Jessica Star Rockers at a half-time position in a two-year contract. There are several reasons for this:
First is Jessica’s ambition to become a permanent Unitarian Universalist minister. For that to happen she needs work as a minister to gain the necessary experience and skills the UUA requires for a permanent minister, and half-time ministry satisfies that requirement. 
Second is we need to show her our commitment if we don’t want her to be looking at other places for employment. 
Third is that our 2018 Five-Year Plan outlines specific goals and development that JSR is uniquely qualified to provide; notably, attracting younger members through social media. 

I am asking everyone to take the ten minutes necessary to complete the Ministerial Services Survey, either through the link Tanesha will provide you, or in person at the fellowship. March and April are very busy months here at KUUF with budget discussions, planning for the coming year, and generally taking care of business. Your part of this work is taking the survey…and participating in discussions with the board and committees to, as they say, “walk the talk.” 

Thank you all for your strong support of KUUF and the many programs and opportunities offered here, none of which would be possible without your commitment and participation. We are KUUF.

Eric Harrold
KUUF Board President

02/22/2019: Could KUUF Become a Green Sanctuary Fellowship?

Our Seventh Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are apart.

To live out our seventh principle with integrity suggests that we take steps to ensure that our own spiritual home is consistent with that principle.  We should be committed to making every aspect of congregational life as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (our national denomination) has a Green Sanctuary program that supports UU churches in minimizing their environmental impact.  KUUF has made some progress, over the years, in being consistent with our seventh principle, but we still have a long ways to go. 

The Fellowship Council is seeking two or three volunteers who are willing to co-lead the process for KUUF to become a Green Sanctuary certified congregation.  If this resonates with you, perhaps you are ready to step forward and provide shared leadership to make this long-held goal at KUUF a reality.  If you are, please contact the Council Chair, Lisa Johnson through

To learn more, goto: