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11/22/2017: Welcoming Congregations Survey

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The world can be a difficult place, and even more so for those in the LGBTQ+ community.  As a congregation, we want to ensure that we make all people feel welcome and appreciated.  We can show the community our commitment to this goal via the process of renewing our status as a LGBTQ+ Welcoming Congregation.

We ask people to take a few minutes, after the service or at home, “Welcoming Congregation Assessment of Commitments” to help the Welcoming Task Force identity our strengths and our challenges.  Additionally, please join us in Conversations with the Board, as we discuss LGBTQ+-friendly language.  We will be joined by Amanda Collins, a woman who is new to our KUUF community, and who is transgender.

Please know, as a newcomer and a member of the LGBTQ comity, I have found these efforts to be so comforting and inviting, like a beacon of hope, in a divisive era.  Thank you, for your individual ad community efforts!  —Gina Voladora

11/05/2017: Social Justice Committee Meeting

Sunday 11:45am, KUUF Admin Room

  • KUUF Social Justice Committee Meeting​​
The Social Justice Committee will hold its regular, 1st Sunday meeting on November 5 at about 11:45 in the admin room.  Anyone who has interest is invited to attend. Here is the agenda:
1. Report from LGBTQ Welcoming Renewal Task Force.
2. How does the SJC want to spend the $3,000 in this year’s budget set aside for a social justice cause?
3. Promise and Practice Sunday – does the SJC want to recommend this?
4. Full Congregational Meeting?
5. Putting up our KUUF Black Lives Matter banner.
6. Nov. 14 UU voters’ legislation conference.

08/19/2017: Kitsap Show Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)

Saturday, 4pm, KUUF Sanctuary – From Charlottesville to Kitsap – Undermining
White Supremacy by Kitsap Show Up for Racial Justice 4 – 6 pm August 19, in our sanctuary. Note time change!  KUUF is hosting, so maybe bring some snacks if you can.  The event will include small group discussion, updated information on White Supremacy group activity in Charlotteville and also Kitsap County, reminders to support local groups like NAACP, and ways to stay connected with


Due to national events, this program replaces showing the film 13th, which can still be seen on Netflix.  Please rsvp here.

07/02/2017: Social Justice Committee Meeting

11:45am – 12:45pm, KUUF Elmore room

The Social Justice Committee will meet at 11:45 after the July 2 service. Anyone interested is invited to attend. Besides this in-person meeting, SJC has an e-mail group. If you would like more information, contact Phil Davis at or (360) 478-2731.



Agenda for July 2:

  1. Check in.
  2. Discussion of White Privilege in preparation for July 16 teach in.
  3. Follow up possibilities for KUUF on LGBTQ issues brought up in July 2 service.