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11/22/2017: Welcoming Congregations Survey

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The world can be a difficult place, and even more so for those in the LGBTQ+ community.  As a congregation, we want to ensure that we make all people feel welcome and appreciated.  We can show the community our commitment to this goal via the process of renewing our status as a LGBTQ+ Welcoming Congregation.

We ask people to take a few minutes, after the service or at home, “Welcoming Congregation Assessment of Commitments” to help the Welcoming Task Force identity our strengths and our challenges.  Additionally, please join us in Conversations with the Board, as we discuss LGBTQ+-friendly language.  We will be joined by Amanda Collins, a woman who is new to our KUUF community, and who is transgender.

Please know, as a newcomer and a member of the LGBTQ comity, I have found these efforts to be so comforting and inviting, like a beacon of hope, in a divisive era.  Thank you, for your individual ad community efforts!  —Gina Voladora

11/12/2017: Pathways to Membership

Sunday, 9:30am, KUUF sanctuary, Elmore Room (library)

Pathway Into KUUF Membership Class

If you are considering becoming a members of KUUF, or have recently become one, this two-session class is for you!

It will be held on Sunday, November 12th and 19th from 9:00 to 10:15 a.m. before our Sunday services here at KUUF in the Elmore Room. (Tanesha – is that the space we have reserved?  If not, please change it to the correct space.)  The class will allows us to get to know each other, learn about the tenets of Unitarian Universalism, the origins and history of our faith, the way it is organized at the national level, how our Fellowship is governed, how to become involved in the life of our church and make new friends, and how the Fellowship can give back to you, enriching your own life.  For some people, the friends they make at this class become life-long friendships.  Scones and coffee will be served.

To register for this class, please sign up by emailing or calling (360) 377-4724.  We look forward to welcoming you into our spiritual community.

10/22/2017: Usher and Greeter Social

Sunday 11:45am, KUUF Elmore Room – 

The Welcoming and Membership Committee cordially invites all ushers and greeters and those interested in learning about this essential KUUF role to join us after the service on Sunday, October 22 in the Elmore Room.


Bring your coffee and come and get to know one another, enjoy some great snacks, make some new friends, and get some new skills.


We look forward to seeing you!

NOW RECRUITING: Welcoming and Membership Committee

The Welcoming and Membership Committee is seeking some friendly volunteers to become short term mentors to folks who are new to KUUF or new members who have just signed the book. If you would like to make a new friend, extend a welcoming heart to someone new and help KUUF grow, please contact Vivien Blyth, Chair of the Welcoming and Membership Committee or Beth Wilson, New Member Coordinator on the Worship Committee.

Contact if you’d like to join.