Category: Citizens’ Climate Lobby

06/27/2017: Climate Reality Leadership Conference 🗓

All Day, June 27-29th, Belleview, WA – You know our climate is changing. You want to make a difference. We’ll show you how. Join us for a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training and work with former US Vice President Al Gore and renowned climate scientists and communicators to learn about what’s happening to our planet and how you can use social media, powerful storytelling, and personal outreach to inspire audiences to take action. Give us three days. We’ll give you the tools to change the world.

You’ll learn:

  • The science of climate change
  • How it’s transforming daily life for communities around the world
  • The solutions that are available today
  • Powerful storytelling, public speaking, and social media networking techniques
  • Media engagement strategies
  • Best practices in grassroots organizing
  • How activists like you are building momentum for solutions around the world

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06/13/2017: 2017 Transactive Energy Systems Conference 🗓 🗺

The NW Energy Coalition advances energy efficiency, renewable energy and a consumer and wildlife-friendly power system. 

The Fourth International Conference and Workshop on Transactive Energy brings together representatives of government, industry, utilities, vendor organizations, and academia to advance understanding and implementation of transactive energy. The core principle of transactive energy is to combine economic and control techniques, leading to improvements in power grid reliability and efficiency.

Transactive energy combines economic and control techniques to improve electric grid reliability and efficiency.  The Transitive Energy Systems Conference & Workshop, organized by Coalition member Smart Grid Northwest, is your opportunity to discover what Transactive Energy Systems can do for you.

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