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02/04/2018: Social Justice Committee Meeting

Sunday 11:45am, KUUF Admin Room

Social Justice Committee Agenda

  1. SJC volunteer sign-up, looking for more potluck organizer volunteers
  2. 2017-18 Spending update
  3. More Social Justice films at KUUF, including invitations to collaborate
  4. Inter-Group Dialogue Feb. 16-18 update
  5. Banner Box update
  6. Budget Sub – Committee Report — Planning Budget for 2018-19
  7. KUUF Homeless Response team affiliated with Kitsap Community Resources
  8. Voting in KUUF Committees and signing the membership book
  9. Almira Street Homeless Camp removal & donations to Stor-N-Lok storage rentals
  10. Upcoming Charitable Giving nomination and vote at annual meeting
  11. Retreat, Looking at the larger picture with our committee, SJC leadership for next year (chair or co-chairs, SJC spending monitor, etc.)
  12. The presently required “Social Justice Committee” lettering on the bottom of our Black Lives Matter banner, and possible routes to removing it
  13. “Tiny houses” as shelters for homeless people

Amanda Collins – My Life as a Transgender Person

On Sunday, January 7, from about 11:45 to 12:15 Amanda Collins will give a talk entitled “My Life as a Transgender Person.” Please stay after service, if you are able, to be introduced to and to welcome Amanda, a person new to our community and unlike any that most of us have met before.

Amanda Collins is a trans woman, and a member of the KUUF Social Justice Committee. Some trans people look for a spiritual community where they can simply attend as members, and don’t want special attention drawn to them. Amanda felt called to join the KUUF Social Justice Committee because she is an activist for transgender education and justice. She is also a member of the sub-committee working towards re-certifying our congregation as a Welcoming Congregation.

01/21/2018: Seeing the Racial Water: A Workshop with Dr. Robin DiAngelo


 Dr. DiAngelo’s workshop made possible through generous funding from The Evergreen State College and the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation


Seeing the Racial Water:

A Workshop with Dr. Robin DiAngelo


January 21, 2018, 1 pm

Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation

2315 Division St. NW, Olympia WA

Cost:  OUUC members and students:  $10; general admission: $15

Register at:

Please join us at OUUC for a meaningful conversation with author and noted academic and consultant Dr. Robin DiAngelo.
This workshop will explore the way race shapes the lives of White people, explain what makes racism so hard for White people to see, and identify common White racial patterns that prevent us from moving towards greater racial equity.  Weaving information, analysis, stories, images, and familiar examples, she provides the framework needed to develop white racial literacy. Although the focus is on white racial identity development, people of color may also find the analysis valuable as it is one that is rarely affirmed or provided in mainstream society. This session will:

  • Differentiate between: prejudice, discrimination, and systematic racism
  • Understand the basic dynamics of current race relations in the U.S.
  • Examine the concept of whiteness and white racial socialization

During the workshop, participants will learn skills in bridging racial divides by discussing ways to identify more constructive cross-racial practices, and experience new and effective ways to comfortably talk about race.


Dr. Robin DiAngelo is a former Associate Professor of Education. She is a two-time winner of the Student’s Choice Award for Educator of the Year from the University of Washington.
Her scholarship is in White Racial Identity and Race Relations. In addition to her academic work, Dr. DiAngelo has extensive experience as a workplace consultant in issues of race relations and racial justice. She was appointed to co-design the City of Seattle’s Race & Social Justice Initiative Training. Her work on White Fragility has influenced the national dialogue on race and been featured in Alternet, Salon, NPR, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate and Colorlines.

Black Lives Matter: the Life and Writings of Saab Lofton

Money distorts political talk in America, amplifying some views while others are silenced or ignored. After the service on Sunday 1/14/18 grab a cup a coffee and stick around to hear a different kind of voice — Saab Lofton.

“Saab Lofton is much of a democratic socialist and something of a Black nationalist, but I dare not define him with labels. Even his fiction is well researched and carefully documented. Saab is prophetic, sometimes controversial–and always intelligent,” says KUUF Social Justice co-chair Phil Davis.

Check out Saab’s short story, What a Difference a Shade Makes at He’s re-written the Superman myth, making Clark Kent Black instead of White. Saab also reminds us that our Superhero was an undocumented alien who arrived from another planet, Phil adds.

01/20/2018: Connecting Neighbors

Saturday, 8:30am, Bremerton United Methodist Church

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, plan to attend a free emergency
preparedness training, provided through the United Methodist
Committee on Relief (UMCOR). This training has three areas of focus:
Personal and home readiness; church readiness; and readiness to serve
your neighbors in case of an emergency.
Location: Bremerton United Methodist Church
1150 Marine Drive
Bremerton, WA 98312
Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.
Trainers: Wendy Riddle and Becky Platt.



Click Here to view the Curriculum

Lunch will be provided.
Registration deadline: Saturday, January 13, 2018. Register here:
For more information, please contact Wendy Riddle at

01/15/2018: MLK Seattle Celebration

Monday, Garfield Highschool, Seattle

MLK Seattle Celebration:  The 2018 annual MLK celebration will be held at Garfield High School on MLK Day, January 15, 2018.
This is a big event, with speakers, music, dozens of workshops, and a march from Garfield to the Federal building downtown that typically draws at least 5,000 participants.

01/14/2018: The Life and Writings of Saab Lofton

Sunday, 11:45am, KUUF sanctuary, 

KUUF Social Justice Committee Presents

Black Lives Matter – the life and writings of Saab Lofton

Sunday, January 14, 2018 – at 11:45 a.m.

Phil Davis, KUUF Social Justice Committee co-chair, writes, “Money distorts political talk in America. Right wing radio and Koch brothers funding amplify some views; others are silenced or ignored. Please circle Sunday, January 14, on your calendar to hear a different kind of voice– my friend Saab.”

“Saab Lofton is much of a democratic socialist and something of a Black nationalist, but I dare not define him with labels. Even his fiction is well researched and carefully documented. Saab is prophetic, sometimes controversial–and always intelligent.”

“White nationalists are shouting and marching. Conservatives have captured the capital. The big lie has taken a ‘sacred’ place alongside a literal, Old Testament, interpretation of the Christian bible. We need another view–strongly spoken,” Phil emphasizes.

“I also am hosting an informal breakfast for Saab at 9 a.m., January 14, at Shari’s Restaurant– 4220 Wheaten Way before the service. Eight places still are available. Make reservations by e-mailing me at



01/13/2018: Ground Zero MLK Anti-Nuclear Vigil

Saturday, 10am, Bangor Main Gate – Ground Zero MLK Anti-nuclear Vigil:  Join Ground Zero members at 10:00am on Saturday, January 13 to walk to the Bangor main gate for an 10:30am vigil in support of nuclear abolition.

Contact Mack Johnson for more information.

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

December 2017: Fill-A-Truck For Hunger

Every Sunday in December – Fill a Truck for the Food Bank!
The KUUF Social Justice Committee is sponsoring a food drive during the month of December. Each Sunday and at the Christmas Eve service there will be a truck or boxes available to fill to overflowing for our less fortunate neighbors.
Bring non-perishable foods, toiletries and even money! All this will be delivered to local food banks each week. When all feels like chaos, giving to others is calming and within our control. Let’s do it!

12/21/2017: Kitsap Interfaith Network’s Longest Night Vigil for the Homeless

Thursday, 5:30pm, The Courtyard at First Christian Church, Bremerton
Kitsap Interfaith Network’s
Longest Night Vigil for the Homeless
December 21st, 5:30 pm
The Courtyard at First Christian Church
During this busy winter holiday season, we take a few minutes to remember our homeless community members; we will remember the ones who have died this past year with our presence, and remember those still struggling with our gifts. The service is short and out doors.
Bring gifts of winter coats, hats, socks, gloves, sleeping bags, toiletries, etc. with you or drop them off at the building. Business hours are 9-4 Mondaythrough Thursday, and the building is open Wednesday early evenings. Call 360-373-2444 for more times.

11/22/2017: Welcoming Congregations Survey

Click Here to Begin On Line Survey

The world can be a difficult place, and even more so for those in the LGBTQ+ community.  As a congregation, we want to ensure that we make all people feel welcome and appreciated.  We can show the community our commitment to this goal via the process of renewing our status as a LGBTQ+ Welcoming Congregation.

We ask people to take a few minutes, after the service or at home, “Welcoming Congregation Assessment of Commitments” to help the Welcoming Task Force identity our strengths and our challenges.  Additionally, please join us in Conversations with the Board, as we discuss LGBTQ+-friendly language.  We will be joined by Amanda Collins, a woman who is new to our KUUF community, and who is transgender.

Please know, as a newcomer and a member of the LGBTQ comity, I have found these efforts to be so comforting and inviting, like a beacon of hope, in a divisive era.  Thank you, for your individual ad community efforts!  —Gina Voladora

11/05/2017: Social Justice Committee Meeting

Sunday 11:45am, KUUF Admin Room

  • KUUF Social Justice Committee Meeting​​
The Social Justice Committee will hold its regular, 1st Sunday meeting on November 5 at about 11:45 in the admin room.  Anyone who has interest is invited to attend. Here is the agenda:
1. Report from LGBTQ Welcoming Renewal Task Force.
2. How does the SJC want to spend the $3,000 in this year’s budget set aside for a social justice cause?
3. Promise and Practice Sunday – does the SJC want to recommend this?
4. Full Congregational Meeting?
5. Putting up our KUUF Black Lives Matter banner.
6. Nov. 14 UU voters’ legislation conference.

10/12/2017: Request for The Lord’s Neighborhood Diner




Subj: Request for board members

Good morning Lord’s Neighborhood Diner (LND) volunteer organizations. As the LND is entering its 20th year serving Kitsap County residents, we once again find ourselves short of board members. This is an opportunity to be involved with the behind the scenes work necessary to keep our organization supporting the low income and homeless populations of our county…this isn’t a burdensome job with never ending demands on your time. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, for an hour, in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church parish hall at 7 PM. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to help the most vulnerable persons within our community, you have found it…and we are looking for you. Please contact Eric Harrold at or Dennis Frey at for more information regarding the LND and how you can get involved. Thank you for caring.


Eric Harrold

Board President, Lord’s Neighborhood Diner

09/23/2017: The Lord’s Neighborhood Diner Date Change

KUUF Lord’s Diner volunteer day will be on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

The Lord’s Diner feeds hungry and homeless people every Saturday at St Paul’s Episcopal Church. We are putting together a team from KUUF for the last Saturday of the month – May 27 and for every two months throughout the year. If you would like to join us please contact Eric Harrold or talk to Vivien Blyth at the Greeter’s Table after the service.

Email for more information or to sign up.

The Lord’s Neighborhood Diner is located at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 700 Callahan Dr., Bremerton, WA 98310. Click here for a Google Map.

09/07/2017: Gearing Up for a New School Year – Bremerton Backpack Brigade

The Bremerton Backpack Brigade is gearing up for the new school year.  You probably already know the Brigade provides supplemental nutrition on weekends for children, from Bremerton elementary schools, facing food insecurity daily.
But, did you also know it’s 68 lo-o-o-ng hours between the free lunch the children we serve receive at school on Friday, until the breakfast they will receive at school Mondaymorning?
That’s an agonizingly long time for any child to be hungry or to worry about if or when their next meal is coming!  The Brigade exists to address that reality.
Here are three easy ways you can help!
1) Donate non perishable food through your place of worship, The Habitat store, on Wheaton Way, or any Bremerton elementary school.  The Brigade sends out over 1200lbs of food EVERY WEEK!  Every can of chicken or box of Helper meal helps!!
2) Donate dollars to the Bremerton Backpack Brigade through their website, using PayPal. ( or send a check to the Brigade’s Post Office box (P.O. Box 2533, Bremerton WA 98310).  The Brigade budgets $700 a week to purchase shelf stable milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables to include in each backpack.  Your dollars make that possible.
3) Volunteer!   The Brigade needs help to pack and deliver backpacks of food.  They need more shoppers and vegetable packers.  They need the expertise of fund raisers, grant writers and event planners.   Volunteers are needed to pick up donated food from the various drop off locations and gather the returned backpacks from each school, each week.   And the list goes on!
Simply contact the Brigade through the link on their website to be welcomed into team: “No more hungry kids!”