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Amanda Collins – My Life as a Transgender Person

On Sunday, January 7, from about 11:45 to 12:15 Amanda Collins will give a talk entitled “My Life as a Transgender Person.” Please stay after service, if you are able, to be introduced to and to welcome Amanda, a person new to our community and unlike any that most of us have met before.

Amanda Collins is a trans woman, and a member of the KUUF Social Justice Committee. Some trans people look for a spiritual community where they can simply attend as members, and don’t want special attention drawn to them. Amanda felt called to join the KUUF Social Justice Committee because she is an activist for transgender education and justice. She is also a member of the sub-committee working towards re-certifying our congregation as a Welcoming Congregation.

Black Lives Matter: the Life and Writings of Saab Lofton

Money distorts political talk in America, amplifying some views while others are silenced or ignored. After the service on Sunday 1/14/18 grab a cup a coffee and stick around to hear a different kind of voice — Saab Lofton.

“Saab Lofton is much of a democratic socialist and something of a Black nationalist, but I dare not define him with labels. Even his fiction is well researched and carefully documented. Saab is prophetic, sometimes controversial–and always intelligent,” says KUUF Social Justice co-chair Phil Davis.

Check out Saab’s short story, What a Difference a Shade Makes at He’s re-written the Superman myth, making Clark Kent Black instead of White. Saab also reminds us that our Superhero was an undocumented alien who arrived from another planet, Phil adds.