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04/25/2019: What are you reading for Earth Day?

Our KUUF Bondy Library has some excellent titles!  

Here are just a few.  Check them out!

Justice on Earth by Manish Mishra-Marzetti

2018-2019 UUA Common Read selection

Find it in Social Justice, Section “G”

Harvest the Wind by Philip Warburg

Find it in Environment, Section “I”

Climate, Weather and Ideology by William McPherson, Ph.D.

Find it in Environment, Section “I”

11/29/2018: Update from Parish Nurse

Hello everyone,

I would like to update the fellowship on what I’ve been doing the past 3-4 months.  I gathered a lot of great data from my parish nurse survey in September, and you may have wondered, well…what happens next?  In order to offer services as a Parish Nurse, a registered nurse must complete a course in Faith Community Nursing. This past week, I completed the 13 week course as offered by OSF Medical Center and School of Nursing, and accredited by the Westberg Institute.  The course covered nursing care within the faith community, with a focus on spirituality, philosophies of healing and wholeness, professional and ethical issues, documentation, communication, collaboration, family violence, behavioral health, suffering and grief and advocacy.  This was a terrific opportunity for me to work and learn with faith community nurses in a variety of faith traditions.

Having completed the course, and gathered the survey data, I am now fully ready and available to act as our fellowship’s parish nurse.  So what does that mean? For now, it means I will be available after service, and during the week by phone or email. My new email is  I have made a brochure about the parish nurse services that I will have available as well.  So when might you want to contact me?

  • When you have a doctor’s appointment and you are not sure what questions to ask or want someone to accompany you.
  • When your blood pressure has been running high and you want it checked.
  • When you or a loved one has a chronic disease and you are looking for resources.
  • When you or a loved one are discharged from the hospital and have questions on how to cope.
  • When you decide to make lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation, diet change, or exercise, and you need resources and encouragement.
  • When you have an idea for an educational program you think might be of benefit to the fellowship.
  • When you or a loved one would like to complete an advanced directive and need resources and support.

I look forward to serving the fellowship in this new role, thank you for your patience in the last few months as I gathered data and completed my course.  

In love and light,

Jennifer Ingalls, RN

03/17/2018: Spring Food Drives!

We’re looking for volunteers for at two upcoming Food Drive at Safeway, McWilliams and Wheaton Way, on Sat. March 17 from 9 to 4, and then at Fred Meyer, Wheaton Way, on Saturday, April 21.

You can claim a 2-hour shift anytime during the day. If you’d like to sign up, please call: Myra Battin at 360-471-9588.
For Information about the Brigade and/or other volunteer
opportunities during the school year, like/follow us on our FB page and visit or website at:

These food drives will help with our Spring Break food box and the end of year food boxes that go home with our needy school children.

Come have fun and make a difference!

05/30/2017: My Zambia Trip – Global Health in Action

7:00pm-8:00 pm, KUUF sanctuary, Beth Wilson – In February Beth Wilson joined 14 other RESULTS members and staff from across the U.S. on a Learning and Sharing Trip to Zambia. During that time she helped train Zambian volunteers to be health advocates in their own country, visited health service sites and local schools, went on home visits to village households with infants, met with the Minister of Justice and met with USAID staff in the US Embassy. Come see her pictures of that fascinating trip, and hear how our local advocacy improves the health of people in Zambia and saves the lives of adults and children.