Our Committees

Social Action

Social Justice Committee
Contact socialjustice@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

Would you like to help reduce world poverty, hunger, nuclear weapons or homelessness? Do you actively support LGBTQ rights? Is preserving our degraded environment or fighting racism your dream? If some of these issues are important to you, consider joining the KUUF Social Justice Committee.

Our members can connect you with organizations, events, and educational opportunities. Perhaps you can add to our list of causes and contacts. We also work within our church to support social justice sermons, workshops, and other programs.

We all have different interests, experiences and methods to fight injustice. We require neither uniformity of beliefs nor lockstep adherence to the same methods. However, our liberal social justice activism is informed by the broad ethical and moral principles of Unitarian Universalism.


Welcoming and Membership Committee
Contact welcoming@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

Being a newcomer to any community can be difficult until you know the ropes.  Warmly welcoming all of us, but especially helping newcomers feel comfortable and welcome is the job of the Welcoming and Membership Committee.  We work to make our Fellowship a friendly place via Sunday greeters, ushers, after service hospitality, and New UU Workshops.

Committee members contact visitors who express an interest in the Fellowship.  We answer questions and help them connect with committees and others within our Fellowship who can help meet their needs.  And we provide information about our principles, our history, and our role in the community, and in the wider world.

Listening Team

Listening Team
Contact listeningteam@kuuf.org if you’d like to volunteer.

The Listening Team at KUUF is comprised of volunteers trained in listening, empathy and expressing with care. They are present after every Sunday service and are available to help support the fellowship when requested. The Listening Team is available to listen to ANY concern or celebration from any member, friend, or guest. They are also available to support conversations between members/friends.

The Listening Team’s intention is to provide a safe, empathic space to meet the needs for support, connection, understanding, clarity, care, consideration, growth, learning, companionship, and respect. It was created to help build and maintain our beloved community. Usually, there will be 2 members available at every service. The members on duty are listed in the order of service and will wear a Listening Team badge.


Caring Committee
Call (360) 377-4724 or email caring@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

The Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Caring Committee is charged with conveying the congregation’s concern when emergency problems arise for any of its members or friends. The group’s mission is to be of service when situations arise such as illness, accident, medical emergencies or bereavement.


Worship Committee
Contact worship@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

The Worship Committee works with our Minister, Rev. Jessica, to coordinate our Sunday worship services. We reach out to ministers and community leaders to speak at services and identify congregational volunteers to participate in each service.  We are committed to creating transformational worship services that inspire us to act for justice, explore our inner truths, celebrate our community, and live our lives with gratitude and awe.

Media and Communications

Media and Communications Team
Contact media@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

We’re more of an informal group who talk by email and Facebook and meet in person when needed. We manage the website, the Candle newsletter, record Sunday services and things like that. If you’re good with web/graphic design, good at writing, editing, or videography and want to join, we’d be happy to have the help.

Children's Religious Education

Children’s Religious Education Committee
Contact cre@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

The Children’s Religious Education (CRE) Committee is a standing committee, responsible with the Director of Religious Education (DRE), for designing, planning, implementing, overseeing and evaluating the religious education program of KUUF, inclusive of infants through 8th grade.

The CREC makes, implements and evaluates policy related to religious education and reports to the Board of Trustees. The CREC works to reflect the diversity evident in our Fellowship.

Adult Religious Exploration

Adult Religious Exploration Committee
Contact are@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

The Adult Religious Exploration (ARE) Committee offers courses and presentations designed to increase understanding of our connection with our liberal religious heritage: the Jewish and Christian roots from which we spring, the Eastern religious traditions that have nurtured so many; our Unitarian Universalist heritage; the insights of philosophy and science that have expanded our knowledge; and our mystical sense of oneness with one another, our planet, and the universe.

Our guiding purposes are to enhance our spiritual growth, to further religious pluralism, and to empower ethical action.

Adult Religious Exploration courses are led by congregation members and outside specialists. Sessions are usually held on weeknights, with some Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon workshops offered.

Grounds Crew

Building and Grounds Committee
Contact facilities@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

Keeping our buildings and grounds in good repair is the work of this committee. If you are a gardener, do carpentry, enjoy organizing work parties or working with your hands, this could be the place for you!


Finance Committee
Contact finance@kuuf.org if you’d like to join this committee or audit a meeting.

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide the Board of Trustees with financial expertise in the form of analysis of and recommendations regarding the financial affairs of the Fellowship. An annual function of the Committee is to gather financial input from Fellowship organizations and individuals and consolidate this information into an annual budget proposal. The Committee suggests procedures for the financial management of the congregation. Committee input is vital to keeping KUUF a financially healthy organization, and your skills and support are welcome!

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving Selection Task Force
Contact giving@kuuf.org if you’d like to learn more or if you’d like to volunteer. Check out our current list of recipients for 2019/2020 here


Fellowship Council

This council serves as the communicating, coordination, and calendar-scheduling clearinghouse for our fellowship. Its membership consists of chairs of the standing committees, as well as representatives of other groups. The fellowship council meets on the second Tuesday of the month in the administration building. It is chaired by the vice president of the board of trustees. Our meetings are lively and interesting. Committees play an extremely important role in our fellowship’s life, and when the chairs get together, the information and ideas flow thick and fast. If you want to schedule an event at KUUF, it’s best to start by either contacting the appropriate committee chair or by contacting administration.


Endowment Committee

This committee oversees the KUUF endowment fund. This is a restricted fund maintained by donations. With congregational approval, it can be used for such things as additions or renovations to KUUF buildings, or the purchase of fellowship equipment. Other potential uses are outlined in the fund’s by-laws.

The committee is composed of two elected members of the KUUF congregation, a liaison from the board of trustees, and a liaison from the finance committee.

To make a donation to this fund, contact endowment@kuuf.org or call our office at (360) 377-4724.