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11/24/2019: The Bounty of Being 

10:30 – 11:30 KUUF Sanctuary, Rev. Jessica Star Rockers: The land on which our fellowship sits is indigenous land. It is the ancestral land of the Duwamish, Suquamish, and Skokomish tribes of the Coast Salish people, a people who still live here. As we prepare for the week of Thanksgiving, let us take a moment to “decolonize” the holiday and honor the legacy of the indigenous community that has for centuries celebrated the harvest with abundant generosity and gratitude. Together let us challenge the myth of the first Thanksgiving and instead, imagine a new way of celebrating this tradition with honesty and respect for our larger beloved community.

Rev. Jessica Star Rockers is our new minister at KUUF. You can read more about Rev. Jessica here.

11/22/2018: Thanksgiving Potluck at KUUF

We welcome everyone to join us for a thanksgiving potluck on
Thursday 11/22/18  Friends and family welcome
We will start gathering around 1:00 and then eat around 2:00.
We are providing local, organically bred turkeys and ask everyone to bring the other dishes including, of course, cranberry sauce, pies, something to drink etc

There will be a sign-up sheet in the foyer or you may call or e-mail the office at 360 377 4724 or admin@kuuf.org.
Please consider helping with set-up and clean-up.

For more information contact Bonner Sams, Marcie Mathis, or Vivien Blyth.


11/23/2017: KUUF Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

2:00pm-8:00pm, KUUF sanctuary

Thursday November 23rd

We gather together like a big family, and we share the work, so no one has to cook it all! Arrive around 2:00 pm. We’ll pitch in together to set up a buffet in the sanctuary, and eat when everyone is ready. Probably about 3:00.

Join us for this wonderful opportunity to share food and community with KUUF members, families, and friends, as we continue the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving together. Please feel free to invite friends and neighbors: those with family far away, or without space to offer hospitality, and especially those who for one reason or other may be alienated from family and will be glad to know there is a warm and welcoming space at KUUF.

After a leisurely clean-up folks are invited to stick around for games, movies, music, coffee and more pie!: all of the things that you may have done when visiting at a family home for Thanksgiving. You can watch the game on the big screen in the admin room or kick back on the sofas in the Bondy Library.

Bring place settings from home to make it special (or use the tableware that’s in the kitchen) and bring a beverage of choice for your family.

Your contributions are welcome: songs, prayers, games, toys for kids, a joke, a reflection, decorations ..
Please see sign-up lists in the foyer. Eric has already signed up to cook a turkey!

Questions? Contact Eric Harrold at —- or Jo Walter at 360 551 6944. Or email littlesproutsps@comcast.net or ERICHARROLD@msn.com

11/19/2017: Tapping Your Fork Against a Glass

10:30am-11:30am, KUUF sanctuary, Joseph Bednarik – Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner where everybody dove into the feast without giving a moment’s thought to gratitude. If you happen to find yourself in that situation on Thursday, this sermon encourages you to tap your fork against a glass to gather everyone’s attention… Now what?

Joseph Bednarik will speak this Sunday. He is Co-Publisher of Copper Canyon Press, a non-profit literary publisher that believes “poetry is vital to language and living”. (coppercanyonpress.org). Joseph also, serves as Assistant to the Ministers in the Pulpit at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Port Townsend. He speaks at KUUF monthly, and we are honored by his presence and eloquent words.