Voting & Governance

Our Board of Trustees

KUUF is governed by a 7-member Board of Trustees, which is elected by the members of the congregation. The Board meets monthly and has general charge of the property and funds of the Fellowship, the conduct of all its business affairs and the control of its administration, including the appointment of committees as the Board deems necessary and filling vacancies on the Board itself until the next-scheduled congregational meeting. If there is a transaction that will obligate the Fellowship to exceed five percent of the annual approved budget, it must be approved by the membership at a duly called business meeting.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to all voting members as observers, and all members are welcome to attend, however, the Board may go into executive session and ask all non-trustees to leave the room. No final or formal action may be taken when the Board is in executive session. Five trustees constitute a quorum. Major policy issues are referred to the congregation for a vote.

Trustees of the Board are elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting in April from a slate nominated by the Nominating Committee. Three are elected each year to three-year terms, to provide for overlapping leadership. No trustee may serve more than six years consecutively; after two terms on the Board, an individual may not be re-elected for a period of two years.

Under the Unitarian Universalist system of “congregational polity,” Fellowship members have a great deal of power in decision-making that affects the Fellowship. We believe in the democratic process! There is a minimum of one congregational meeting each year, and the Board may call additional meetings as it feels necessary. Ten percent of the voting membership may also call a congregational meeting. For more detailed information, please call the Fellowship office and request a copy of our bylaws.

The Board’s monthly business meeting is held on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., usually in the Admin Room.


KUUF’s current board of trustees roster is:

  • Lisa Johnson (co-president)
  • Terry Mallory (co-president)
  •  Jack Peterson (vice president)
  • Nathan Emmet
  • Eric Harrold
  • Jacquelyn Westwood
  • Peter Kreidler

Non-voting support positions include:

  • Mark Sugimoto (treasurer)
  • Selene Patterson (secretary)
  • Tanesha Smith (recording secretary)


A Quorum at the Annual Congregational Meeting requires that 20% of the active membership be present. A proxy will NOT count towards the quorum requirement. Voting members must be in good standing for at least the previous 60 days.


Section 1. Any person, eighteen (18) years or older, who is in sympathy with the purpose and program of this Fellowship, shall become an active member by signing the designated membership book. Prior membership of at least sixty days shall be a prerequisite for voting privileges.

Section 2. Any person, thirteen (13) through seventeen (17) years of age, who is in sympathy with the purpose and program of the Fellowship, upon completion of an orientation session, shall become an associate member by signing the membership book. Associate members may vote on policy issues at annual meetings and business meetings. They may not vote on matters that entail contractual obligations. Prior to any business meeting, the Board shall determine which issues are eligible for associate member voting.

Section 3. Formal withdrawal of association with this Fellowship may be effected by written notification from the member concerned and shall be acknowledged in writing by the Secretary upon request.

Section 4. An individual member can be removed from membership by action of the Board of Trustees. A two-thirds majority vote of the Board is required for an individual’s removal from membership. In cases of individual removal from membership in the Fellowship the party concerned will be notified by the Board President or Vice President. Such notification will not be made by the Minister or anyone serving in a ministerial capacity with the Fellowship. In cases of removal from membership, the individual concerned will have the right of a closed hearing before an ad hoc appeals committee appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Section 5. Members who do not participate for one year may be assigned inactive member status by the Membership Committee, after consultation with the Board of Trustees. Inactive members will not have voting privileges. A change in membership status may be affected by a written request from the inactive member and accepted by the Membership Committee. Where requests are denied the party concerned may appeal to the Board of Trustees. Voting privileges resume 60 days after reinstating membership.

Section 6. In case of dissolution or disposal of the Fellowship grounds, and in those cases only, there shall be a requirement that those persons voting on these questions shall have been members for at least eighteen (18) months.

Section 7. Eligible members may vote by absentee ballot or by written proxy if unable to attend a meeting. Such absentee voters (including proxies) shall not be counted in determining the existence of a quorum or on a motion to adjourn. Absentee ballots and proxies must be filed with the Secretary of the Fellowship prior to the beginning of each meeting. No person present may cast more than three proxy votes; no person shall be entitled to vote as a proxy unless she/he is an eligible voting member at the meeting. Absentee voters may give their proxy with instructions to vote a certain way on issues or may give a general proxy allowing the holder to vote at his/her discretion after listening to the arguments on specific issues. In all cases, a call will be made for the proxy vote on each issue with these votes being added to the vote total.